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Mark Sanford, Crowd Pleaser (Not)



Former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford was given an icy reception from a group of social conservatives in Washington, D.C. this week. The newly elected U.S. Representative from South Carolina’s first congressional district attended the “Faith and Freedom Coalition” meeting this week, trotting out his familiar “God of Second Chances” rhetoric to a substantially less-than-receptive crowd.

Here’s how reporter James Hohman of The Politico described Sanford’s reception …

The crowd sat uncomfortably in silence through his 12-minute speech. There were no laugh lines or lighter moments.

Only about a third of the crowd stood when Sanford took the stage, and many did not applaud. Only about two dozen stood as he finished — even fewer than when he took the stage. By contrast, the crowd repeatedly cheered the other speakers who preceded Sanford on Friday.

Yikes …

“That’s what happens when you leave the South Carolina bubble,” one Republican operative told FITS. “People hate you to your face.”

Granted we’re no fans of sanctimonious moralizers, but Sanford – whose 2013 comeback has been the political story of the year so far in the Palmetto State – should have known better than to show up at an event like this.

Faith and freedom? Come on, dude …

Which leads us to Sanford’s basic problem … he just can’t help himself. On any level.

And while we’d like to report that Sanford is at least voting the right way upon his return to Washington, D.C., sadly he’s been a disappointment on that front as well …


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