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John Courson Admits It … Again



As he did a few years ago, S.C. Senate President John Courson is having a little bit of fun with us …

The aging fiscally liberal “Republican in Name Only” – who previously embraced this RINO status in 2010 – is once again assigning this status quo label unto himself. Take a look at this inscription on the 2013 S.C. Legislative Manual he mailed to our home office this week …

Wow …

(Click to enlarge)

courson admits again

Ha! What’s that expression about broken clocks again?

On a personal level, we’ve always liked Courson. Tremendously, even. He’s a swell guy and his wife is as classy a dame as you’ll ever meet (pardon the reversion to Hill Valley c. 1955 there). But when it comes to policy, Courson is just terrible – a trend that appears to be getting worse as he gets older.

Oh well … we are grateful to him for forwarding us this manual, though, especially since our founding editor got us taken off of Nikki Haley’s list.

So thank you, Mr. President … for the book, and your candor.


Pic: Travis Bell Photography