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SC Lawmaker Proposes Decriminalizing Pot



S.C. Rep. Todd Rutherford (D-Columbia) is proposing reforms to South Carolina’s controlled substance laws that would decriminalize marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinol (a.k.a. THC) – the psychoactive agent found in cannabis.

Ironically, Rutherford’s legalization push comes as an amendment to a “Republican” bill aimed at tightening regulations on a wider universe of drugs.

That legislation – H. 3823 – is sponsored by S.C. Reps. Anne Thayer (R-Anderson) and Alan Clemmons (RINO-Myrtle Beach). It was supposed to be debated this week, but Rutherford threw the process for a loop when he introduced an amendment that would have forced the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) to grow, harvest and distribute marijuana for medicinal purposes.

S.C. Speaker Bobby Harrell (RINO-Charleston) ruled Rutherford’s amendment out of order.

Rutherford’s justification for his medical marijuana bill? A 1980 statute uncovered by FITS which calls on the department to “obtain and distribute” pot to patients suffering from glaucoma and other chronic pain. We opposed that amendment, arguing state government should not intervene in the free market – “especially a portion of the market it is unnecessarily criminalizing.”

Even if running a pot ring was a core function of government (which it isn’t), taxpayers clearly can’t afford that …

Yet while we oppose government-run pot rings, we wholeheartedly support Rutherford’s efforts to remove marijuana and THC from South Carolina’s list of controlled substances. Pot should totally be legal, people. Totally.

We’re not alone in that thought, either …

The criminalization of marijuana – like America’s broader (and catastrophically failed) “War on Drugs” – is a joke. There is absolutely no compelling reason to restrict this individual liberty (which was enjoyed by the founding fathers, it’s worth noting). Yet for reasons surpassing understanding our government spends millions upon millions of dollars each year arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating people for drug possession charges.

Stop the madness …

Legalize it. Don’t criticize it …

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