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Nikki Haley Has A Presidential Supporter



Google “Nikki Haley for President.” You’ll see a couple of our stories assessing her prospects (from 2011 and 2012), but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll see a video uploaded to YouTube several months ago by 14-year-old Jackson Billion of Minnesota.

Where in Minnesota?

“Where I live in Minnesota that is not disclosable, because that would be bad for me,” Billion says.

Hmmm-kay … moving on.

“I want the two thousand thirt … two thousand sixteen (GOP) nominee to be the governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley,” Billion declares.

“First of all she is a minority woman, which would make liberals have to raise the stakes – or the Democratic National Committee – raise the stakes,” he says.

“Also, she’s a governor,” Billion continues. “Most of the … err, four out of the five presidents leading up to Obama were governors … and I think this is personally because, that they have had experience being heads of state and they are just … they have more presidential qualities than people who are legislators. So, basically, what will happen is Nikki Haley’s governorship will make it so she automatically has an upper hand against the presidential probable nominee, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton.”

Wait … Michelle Obama? She’s running for president? Oh … and is this kid seriously following Nikki Haley’s governorship? Because it’s been a disaster …

Anyway, Billion goes on to say that Haley is the best choice for the GOP nomination because when the “feminists start coming out with names like, she’s a woman hater, she’s a bee, she’s a whore – well, we can start fighting like the Democrats and say ‘well, you’re racist.’ And that’s … that has to be our strategy.”

Billion also says Haley “has the ideology … good ideology, fiscally anyway.”

“She’s for low spending, low taxes,” he says.

Again … really?

Take a look …

(Click to play)

Jeez … watching this kid is like watching a drunk professor at the University of South Carolina law school. Minus forty years, a beard and a lot of tweed, of course.

Seriously though … did he drink too much cough syrup? Just sayin … kid sounds awful congested.

Anyway …

“I hope that someone sees this, someone says ‘hey, why don’t we think about telling somebody I know or trying to get a delegate to put Nikki Haley into the race'” Billion concludes. “I want her to be in the race because she’s the best candidate.”

Mission accomplished, kid. Mission accomplished.


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