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Letter: Fact-Checking The Immigration Issue




Dear Editor,

I hate to say it but you couldn’t be more wrong on the immigration issue. First and foremost, labor is just another market. We believe in free markets because prices tend to be a far better indicator for determining the proper amount of production and consumption. Why would a bunch of politicians know the appropriate amount people to let in or out?

There are also a great deal of unforeseen consequences of government intrusion into the labor markets including changing the general pattern of migration. Most of the big immigration from Mexico was seasonal before we really started enforcing the border. This has forced workers who used to just come for harvesting season to stay for the entire year. Harvesting in and of itself is difficult work which requires many hours of working outdoors in the hottest months of the year. Employers should be free to choose their laborers and clearly Mexican immigrants are more eager than Americans for work.

IZA has done incredible work studying labor markets and have come to the following conclusions:

– Immigrants fill labor gaps
– Immigrants don’t compete for the same jobs as native born Americans
– Immigrants complement native born labor
– The synergy increases production therefore increases wages for all parties
– Labor Markets are extremely adaptable for eager parties.

Secondly immigrants are actually less likely to produce less violent crime than native born Americans. Most of the studies that show immigrants produce more crime include crossing the border as a crime in and of itself which is true but doesn’t really affect anyone. Where it matters, in violent crime, native born Americans are eight times more likely to commit a violent crime than an immigrant. Eight damn times more likely!

Cato has a great deal more research on the subject, which you can read here.

Lastly, a border fence is the dumbest way possible for government to fix a problem it created. Penn Jillette actually had immigrants build him a border fence and then had the same immigrants go under, through, and over the fence to show just how pointless it was. The video is really funny to watch but if you want to skip ahead to the fence go to the 3:20 mark …

(Click to play)

(Vid: Via)

In conclusion, immigration helps the economy, raises wages, and produces less crime but if all that isn’t enough for you think about how terrible a world without guacamole would be

Colin Ross
Atlanta, Georgia

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