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T-Rav: My Endorsement Of Mark Sanford



In an era when scant deference is paid to the Constitution, we basically have a majoritarian system (democracy) that is completely exploited by the special interest lobbies that know how to work the system and gain consolidated benefits with diffused costs. Too many politicians go along as they too benefit by getting consolidated benefits to their districts with costs spread across the nation that in the collective adversely affect all American taxpayers and consumers.

There are only two politicians that I know who have the courage to stand up to the special interests: Ron Paul and Mark Sanford. With Sanford, I saw it up close. As a member of the S.C. Budget and Control Board, on two occasions I wilted under special interest pressure. Not Sanford. He was absolutely fearless. In fact, he inspired me to be more fiscally responsible and I resolved to never compromise my principles again.

Unfortunately, I was reckless in my personal life and was unable to provide the swing vote Sanford needed as a bulwark against profligate state spending. That’s a mistake I’ll pay for the rest of my life. It’s not enough to say that we need to cut the fat out of government; we also need to cut the meat and bone of it. It also needs restructuring.

Sanford has been talking about restructuring Medicaid to increase quality and reduce costs. With Medicaid, there are perverse incentives to not innovate or to be efficient. Because there’s a matching state/federal formula, if the state found a way to save money, there’d be little incentive to do so as it would mean most of the money saved would be returned to the Federal Government.

As a former Governor, Sanford knows this better than anyone. At one of our country’s most pressing hours, with the economic system careening from one crisis to the next, I can not think of another person more suited to send to Washington. And so I urge all of my friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors to vote Sanford For Congress.