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Spartanburg Is Miserable



Spartanburg, S.C. is America’s tenth most miserable city, according to a report published recently by the website 24/7 Wall

“Spartanburg residents had among the lowest well-being scores in the nation, according to Gallup,” the website noted. “Relative to the rest of the United States, they were far more likely to have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, to have been diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, or have a heart attack.”

You don’t say …

Want more?

Nearly 51 (percent) of residents were classified by Gallup as “suffering,” while just 45.8 (percent) were qualified as “thriving,” one of the lowest figures in the country. In the area, median household income was $40,167, more than $10,000 lower than the national median. Many residents lacked the education necessary to earn higher incomes. In Spartanburg, less than 21 (percent) of residents have a college degree, versus 28.5 (percent) of all Americans.

Hmmmm … must be all those government-run school districts up there (which are routinely propped up by the city’s New York Times-owned newspaper). Or maybe the irascible vagina of local man-hating “Republican” politico Karen Floyd sucked up all their joy.

Either way, say it with us, people … “it’s a great day in South Carolina!”


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