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Curtis Bostic’s “Kentucky Kinzer Konnection”



In the race for South Carolina’s first congressional district, Charleston trial lawyer Curtis Bostic has received more than half of his financial contributions from members of one Kentucky family – the Kinzers.

According to Bostic’s campaign finance reports six members of the family – who own several Kentucky-based natural gas companies – donated $45,000 to his campaign on February 11 of this year. That’s more than half the $87,000 Bostic raised during the initial filing period for this special election (although Bostic supplemented his war chest with a $100,000 loan).

Due to federal spending limits, Bostic can only use $15,000 of his Kinzer family haul during the GOP special primary election – which is scheduled for March 19. If he is one of the top two GOP vote getters and advances to a runoff election, he would be able to tap another $15,000.

Bostic is one of sixteen “Republicans” – and one of a half-dozen top tier candidates – seeking the first district seat vacated earlier this year by newly appointed U.S. Sen. Tim Scott. He’s also one of the most fiscally liberal.