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About Wind Power …



We’re all for alternative/ clean/ renewable sources of energy around here. Not only do we believe in the notion of stewardship, we think there’s an economic benefit to be derived from more choices in the energy marketplace.

Having said that we do not support government subsidies for any form of energy … nor do we support boondoggles like Clemson University’s $98 million taxpayer-funded wind turbine testing center. Remember this nonsense? Here’s a refresher …

Anyway, while Clemson president James Barker may believe his school knows better than Harvard University (no really … he does), fresh research out of the iconic Cambridge, Massachusetts institution suggests otherwise. According to a new Harvard study, scientists have been vastly overestimating the energy creating potential of wind turbines.

“The generating capacity of large-scale wind farms has been overestimated,” Harvard applied physicist David Keith reports.

Specifically, Keith’s research finds this capacity “may peak at between 0.5 and 1 watts per square meter. Previous estimates, which ignored the turbines’ slowing effect on the wind, had put that figure at between 2 and 7 watts per square meter.”

“In short, we may not have access to as much wind power as scientists thought,” he concludes.

Ruh-roh …

But don’t worry, greenies. “Moo U” is on the case.


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