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SC-1: Group Runs Ad Backing Larry Grooms



A group called the Palmetto Conservatives Fund has launched a third party television advertisement in support of S.C. State Sen. Larry Grooms’ congressional bid.

“South Carolina’s congressional team is a united conservative voice and they know a conservative leader when they see one,” the ad’s narrator states. “And that’s exactly what they see in Larry Grooms.”

The spot goes on to quote U.S. Reps. Jeff Duncan and Mick Mulvaney – two staunch free market backers who have previously endorsed Grooms’ candidacy.

Here’s the spot …

The ad encourages donors to contribute to the group in an effort to keep the pro-Grooms’ spots on the air.

FITS first reported on the formation of this group over a month ago. It’s one of several entities expected to weigh in on the crowded GOP primary scheduled for March 19.

“In a crowded field like this one in the first congressional district race it’s important for people to know and understand how other conservative leaders view the candidates,” Dave Wilson, a spokesman for the group told FITS.

Grooms is one of five top tier candidates for the GOP nod – and the candidate this website is likely to endorse.

Why? Because as unimpressed as we are with this particular spot (good idea, poor implementation), the basic premise is hard to argue with. Grooms has a record of aggressively pushing comprehensive free market reforms in the S.C. General Assembly, and we have no reason to suspect he would behave any differently in Washington, D.C.

The rest of this field? Yeah not so much …