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The Kids Are (Not) Alright



They’re called “Pharm Parties,” and they’re the latest thing in teenage drug abuse.

How do they work? Prior to arriving at these shindigs, attendees raid their parents’ medicine cabinets and collect as many different pills as they can. At the party all the pills are dumped into a large bowl and participants grab a handful and take them … usually with alcohol.

The goal? To get an unpredictible high. Or to “see what happens,” as one regular “pharmer” told FITS.

According to emergency room doctors, “what happens” as a result of these “unpredictible” highs are increasing numbers of ER trips.

“And they don’t even know what they’ve taken most of the time,” one told FITS.

Scary, huh?

This website has taken an aggressively pro-drug position – arguing for across-the-boards legalization (in the name of individual liberty). And our founding editor is a recovering drug addict (up to and including heroin) with little room to judge others when it comes to their recreational drug habits. Moreover, there is something called thinning the herd … and those who are excessively dumb (or excessively self-indulgent) are at greater risk for offing themselves.

And “pharm parties” are stupid and self-indulgent … and excessive.

Here’s the thing, though … as hard as we push for legalization we’ve never said minors should have carte blanche to abuse drugs. Don’t get us wrong we don’t see the harm in a hippie/ yuppie dad bonding with his disaffected son over a doobie … but this is different. This is seriously risky business. And it’s clearly happening without parental consent …

So … what should be done about “pharm parties?” Nothing … at least not governmentally. The very last thing we need is another statute on the books named after some low-IQ redneck whose parents watched Legends of the Fall one time too many.

Parents of teenagers should, however, keep a close eye on their medicine cabinets.

Or don’t … the herd does need to be thinned, after all.


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