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John Kuhn And Those “Forward, Bold, Mature” 15-Year-Olds



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Does former S.C. Sen. John Kuhn (RINO-Charleston) still believe today’s 15-year-olds can be “pretty forward, pretty bold, and pretty mature?”

Those were his views in 2004 when he blocked an internet predator bill moving through the S.C. General Assembly – claiming it was “pretty tragic” when a “minor does the soliciting.”

We’re not commenting on the merits of the legislation (we don’t remember its specifics), but it’s worth pointing out Kuhn was acting as a criminal defense advisor at the time for one Daniel Lee Davis, who was being tried for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old he met online.

In fact you can read up on the case by clicking here if you’re interested.

Davis was found guilty of assault of a high and aggravated nature –  but thanks to Kuhn’s delaying tactics he was able to avoid prosecution on a charge of criminal solicitation of a minor (despite admitting that he found his victim by searching Yahoo profiles for 15-19 year-old-girls). Davis is currently on probation – and striking quite the pose in the state of South Carolina’s sex offender registry …


Yeah … try to contain yourself, ladies.

Kuhn is one of sixteen Republican candidates seeking the GOP nomination for the first congressional district seat vacated earlier this year by newly appointed U.S. Sen. Tim Scott. He has vowed to put as much as a quarter of a million dollars of his own money into the race – and based on this story, it’s looking like some of that cash will likely go to defending his record.

Kuhn is branding himself as a “Ron Paul Republican” (he endorsed Paul’s 2012 presidential bid), however in 2006 he endorsed Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tommy Moore – one of the more liberal status quo politicians the Palmetto State has ever seen.

First elected in 2000, Kuhn was ousted in a GOP primary four years later by S.C. Sen. Chip Campsen (RINO-Charleston).


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