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Mark Sanford’s Trust Problem



mark sanford

Former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford was grilled by Charlotte, N.C. radio host Keith Larson on Wednesday morning of this week – getting (quite pointedly, sources say) the one question which lies at the heart of his attempted political comeback:

Why should we trust you?

Yup. That’s what we call a “fastball” in the world of journalism.

We’re waiting on the audio from the interview to be posted online, but several sources who tuned into Larson’s show say the host – who has vocally criticized Sanford on repeated occasions in the past – gave the former governor all he could handle.

Couple thoughts: First of all … what the hell was Sanford doing on a Charlotte, North Carolina radio program? Isn’t he running for the first congressional district seat in the South Carolina Lowcountry? This appearance makes absolutely no sense …

More to the point, Sanford is clearly going to have to develop an effective response to the “Why should we trust you, Mark?” question – because it’s looking like he’ll be getting it frequently between now and March 19’s special election for the first district seat. And that’s as it should be … Sanford’s book is entitled “The Trust Committed To Me,” yet he’s proven himself to be thoroughly untrustworthy.

In addition to his fundamental dishonesty, Sanford is also hoping first district voters will forget the tax dollars his gubernatorial administration spent (and later returned) in furtherance of his extramarital affair with then-lover, now-fiancee Maria Belen Chapur (as well as all the embarrassing soul-searching that followed Sanford’s dramatic confession of the affair).

What’s he hoping they will remember? His voting record during his 1995-2001 stint in Congress – when he consistently earned high marks for protecting taxpayers.


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