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Welcome to the wire! Our pseudo-daily assemblage of tips, comments, questions and snippets from you, our loyal readers … Today marks the first full day of U.S. President Barack Obama’s second term in office – which we’re observing by looking back on his promise to lower our health care costs during his…

the wire january 22 2013

Welcome to the wire! Our pseudo-daily assemblage of tips, comments, questions and snippets from you, our loyal readers …

Today marks the first full day of U.S. President Barack Obama’s second term in office – which we’re observing by looking back on his promise to lower our health care costs during his first term (the first in a series on Obama’s broken promises).

What do the next four years hold for our country? We shudder to think …

While Obama was being sworn in on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, the 2016 presidential campaign – and specifically the “First in the South” primary –  was gearing up in the Palmetto State. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) paid a visit to Charleston, S.C. this week – meeting with members of the media and addressing a gathering of Republican activists. Paul has made no secret of his 2016 aspirations – and has recently paid visits to the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

News of Paul’s South Carolina visit was broken exclusively earlier this month by FITS.

To the wire!


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I understand your site is investigating the scandals surrounding South Carolina lawmaker and congressional candidate Andy  Patrick. I hope you will not forget to incorporate his shameless efforts to steer state E-Verify contracts to his “security” business in Beaufort.

FITS: We are investigating Rep. Patrick … and please feel free to pass along any information you have regarding his various shady dealings (our contact info is included at the bottom of this post).



You guys are so one-sided. Nikki Haley proposed eliminating an ENTIRE TAX BRACKET in her State of the State address and FITS didn’t even mention it. I get you don’t like the governor but at least try to be fair. She is doing what you demand she do. Give her the credit she deserves.

FITS: We didn’t cover it in Haley’s “State of the State” because we covered it previously. This “cut” would save the average South Carolina filer just $29 a year – hardly the sort of tax relief our state needs. Additionally, Haley didn’t include it in her budget, she included it on a “wish list” – assuming surplus money is available in the coming year’s budget. Big difference.



About the Richland County voting fiasco:

A Richland County incumbent (who shall remain nameless because he/she feels physically threatened by a special interest party) was phoned immediately after the polls closed November 6th by multiple “high-ranking” sources who notified him/her that if he/she did not point out the long voting lines that he/she had officially “won” reelection. After appearing at a public event which directly addressed the long voting lines, however, he/she was promptly notified that uncounted votes were “found” and he/she had lost the election. As a result of his/her denouncement of the voting day fiasco he/she has been threatened and is now moving out of Richland County. The person I am referring to is seriously concerned for the safety of his/her family and requests to not be identified at all. This election absolutely was rigged.

FITS: Of course the election was rigged! That’s why they are buying people off. But we can’t be afraid – and that official needs to come forward. The only way  we ever beat these guys is if people stand up for themselves – and for what is right.



The news article about Sheriff Sam Parker from Chesterfield County has misleading information. Michael Lee was not charged with being in possession of a loaded weapon. He was accused of stealing it from the vault and hiding it by the Sheriff’s Department. Lee was cleared of those accusations and the charges were dropped by SLED. A deputy had “accidentally” left the gun in a desk drawer and Lee found it while they were all searching for it. This accusation was a blatant attack by the sheriff in an attempt to “get rid of” Lee because of the information he possessed about the misconduct by Parker and others in the department.

FITS: Our sources have provided conflicting information regarding this inmate and the circumstances surrounding his arrest. We do know the gun charge and his decision to speak with S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) are related.



Disappointed FITS isn’t leading the fight for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reform. Would seem FITS would benefit from this. Am I missing something? Bill Taylor is sponsoring a great bill that local governments are already attacking! You should support him!

FITS: Bill Taylor has a decent bill, not a great bill … but having said that we should probably revisit the FOIA reform issue. Needless to say we are hard core for it.



Nice pic of S.C. Democratic Party executive director Amanda Loveday and College Republican activist Lauren Luxenburg attending one of the 2013 inaugural events.

(Click to enlarge)


FITS: Ahhhh … two of our favorites ….



Zero Hedge has a great post up highlighting all the lies Obama told in his first inaugural address. You should really check it out. This line in particular jumped out and grabbed me:

“Those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account, to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day, because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.”

Would love to see you highlight this in some way.

FITS: Good find. Consider it highlighted …



You missed the big golf story this week. It’s not Tiger and Elin getting back together (which is not happening) it’s Phil Mickelson telling California he’s bolting the state for one with a better tax climate. Figured you would be all over this.

FITS: Doesn’t surprise us. Capital goes where it is welcome. We will look into that, though, sounds right up our alley …




You been keeping up with this guy? He’s pretty much getting ready to tell us and the Brits to fuck off in regard to the web, uploading, cloud storage, and web prvacy:

Thought you might be interested since you covered the whole SOPA mess more than the lame MSM did in SC.

FITS: We haven’t been following this story but we should probably start, huh? Thanks for the props on our SOPA coverage, too.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To former S.C. State House lobbyist Elizabeth Ballentine … one of the most gorgeous women ever to grace our fair state. South Carolina’s loss is Texas’ gain … not to mention another reason our state needs to become more competitive!

(Click to enlarge)

elizabeth ballentine



(Click to play)

“Then I let the Alpine play …”


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silvereagle January 22, 2013 at 9:59 am

Why would Lauren Luxenburg attend any of the Democratic events given that she is very strong Republican?? Or is she a stronger Lauren Luxenburg person and only likes to party and do whats best for her – sounds just like a republican.

south mauldin January 22, 2013 at 10:51 am

Because she’s probably clueless and cares about only herself. Sounds like a typical politician. Maybe she should run for the 1st District. Sounds like she’ll fit right in.

BOZBORING January 22, 2013 at 11:09 am

Correction** The event was a nonpartisan ball.

Lance Riprock January 22, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Suggestion: How about conduct a poll on who is the more fierce and feared warrior- Mark Sanford or Michael Haley, an airman and a soldier, both of whom strike mortal fear in the eyes, hearts, and minds of those who would do us harm.


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