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Happy Birthday, Nikki Haley



haley bobblehead cover

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley turned forty-one years old this weekend … an occasion she marked with a “much needed weekend of quiet, hot chocolate, fires, and board games” with her two children at Table Rock State Park in Pickens, S.C.

Awwwww …

Good for the governor. Everybody needs time off to recharge their batteries. And what better way to do so than with family members?

This website has had very little to say in Haley’s defense over the past two years – because frankly she’s done very little worth defending. Her proposed “tax relief” is a joke, she’s supported massive spending increases, sold our state down the river economically and totally dropped the ball when it comes to safeguarding our personal information.

No wonder she needed a weekend to “forget the world for a while.”

Got a birthday wish (or jeer) you’d like to share with the governor? Post it in our comments section below …