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richland county


We don’t post many items from the Palmetto State police blotter because as it turns out incidents of redneck inbrededness and hoodish hooliganism are a dime a dozen in this state. After all, stupidity, poverty and horniness are our state’s top three exports, right?

Anyway we’re making an exception today, after one of our Richland County sources passed along this incident report from the local Sheriff’s office …

Reporting officer was dispatched to the incident location for a call of a civil dispute which was followed by shots fired. Upon arrival reporting officer made contact with complainant/victim who stated he and another friend had a girl over and had lined up several guys to have sex with her. Complainant/victim stated the subject was there and he got passed over or left out of the acts and he walked off shooting a revolver. Complainant/victim stated he was apparently shooting in the air. Complainant/victim stated he has had issues with subject before but does not know his name. Complainant/victim stated he is a light skinned black male with gold teeth and stays at the Groves Apartments. Complainant/victim was not 100% cooperative with law enforcement. Complainant/victim was also with (redacted) but he refused to cooperate and did not want to press charges not provide any further information. Complainant/victim walked off after being confronted by his pregnant wife.

It’s impossible to make this stuff up, isn’t it?

“It’s a great day in South Carolina,” people …


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