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Major Shakeup At SCDHEC



sc dhec entrance


Catherine Templeton isn’t running for Congress … but she has unsheathed her ax.

The director of South Carolina’s largest government agency announced a major administrative overhaul this week – one which will place pink slips in the boxes of forty-five upper level bureaucrats, according to multiple sources at the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC).

“Forty-five employees riffed,” one of our sources at the agency said, referring to the latest reduction in force to take effect at the agency Templeton took over last March.

Another fifteen administrative positions at the agency will not be filled, we’re told, meaning Templeton has shaved sixty jobs from her 3,200-person agency.  Total “savings” to taxpayers? An estimated $7 million.

Sources close to the director – who was one of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s five finalists for the U.S. Senate seat ultimately awarded to Tim Scott – declined to confirm those numbers.

According to our sources, Templeton is replacing upper level bureaucrats with lower-level functionaries – i.e. people who actually do something to earn their paychecks. In fact Templeton may hire as many as fifty new employees as part of her restructuring effort – at a cost of $5 million to taxpayers.

So assuming our South Carolina math is accurate we’re really looking at a net “savings” of $2 million … or at least we would be assuming there were real “savings” in state government.  Sadly, because lawmakers refuse to create a “taxpayer rebate fund” (and put money like this into it), any cash “saved” at a state agency is really spent someplace else in state government.

Still, if Templeton is cutting fat and adding muscle – and doing it with $2 million less of our money – more power to her.

Obviously we wish she would be more aggressive in cutting her agency – and in pushing for the long-overdue restructuring/ consolidation of our state’s health care and environmental bureaucracies – but she’s certainly doing more than most people in leadership positions in this state.