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Happy Birthday, Katie McKee




Not long ago we decided to bestow our coveted “Veronica Corningstone Award for Excellence in Journalistic Hotness” to Dianne Gallagher of WCNS TV (NBC – Charlotte, N.C.) in perpetuity

For those of you educated in South Carolina public schools, in perpetuity means until we decide otherwise.  Why’d we do that?  Because Gallagher is in a class by herself, people.  She’s also probably a Fem Bot sent from the future to thwart our founding editor’s megalomaniacal urges … replacing them with, well, other urges.

Anyway, while Gallagher will maintain her grip on this award for the foreseeable future, there’s no shortage of super fine talent jockeying for position behind her.  Among South Carolina’s other top news babes?  Katie McKee, a reporter for WACH TV 57 (FOX – Columbia, S.C.) who celebrates her birthday this week.

A Springfield, Ohio native, this blond bombshell came to WACH in October 2011 after graduating from Ohio University with a degree in political science – and after stints interning in the Atlanta and Charlotte markets.  As you can see from the pic above, she’s not only gorgeous … but built like a brick barnyard.

Sic Willie saw McKee “up close and personal” (yeah we love that flic, too) during a recent visit to the WACH studio – and we can assure our readers that she’s even hotter off camera.

Expect to see this 26-year-old hottie become a fixture on our Corningstone Watch List in the years to come …

Enjoy …

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