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SC Lawmakers Sticking It To Cops




No matter how far to the right of the political spectrum you are (and this website holds down the extreme right flank here in South Carolina), we should all be able to agree that “cops and courts” are core functions of government.

Law enforcement is absolutely necessary when it comes to preserving private property rights and individual liberties – while our court system is absolutely necessary when it comes to holding people accountable for infringing upon this rights and liberties.

What should government do beyond these core functions?  Not much, in our estimation …

Yet while we support draconian spending cuts and reductions in government at all levels, we also support providing government officials who are actually performing core functions with the tools they need – and paying them the salaries and benefits they deserve.

South Carolina’s “Republican-controlled” General Assembly doesn’t feel the same way, though …

While pie-in-the-sky “economic development” boondoggles like the University of South Carolina’s spectacularly-failed “Innovista” project get a steady stream of recurring tax dollars, state lawmakers habitually force our police officers to rely on increases in fees and fines on the people whose lives, freedoms and possessions they are charged with protecting.  And then when budget times are tight, law enforcement is invariably one of the first things placed on the chopping block – because politicians know that people will support spending increases if they are led to believe such increases are essential to their safety.

It’s a scam … but the GOP has proven every bit as good at running this racket here in South Carolina as the Democrats.

Adding insult to this indignity?  A recent amendment to the state’s corrupt-as-hell pension fund will force police officers to pay 7.84 percent of their salary into retirement benefits as opposed to the 7.5 percent paid by other government employees (including all of those “economic development” boondogglers).

What the hell?

Understandably, law enforcement peeps were pissed.

“Nobody is getting rich in the police business, our retirement check won’t even keep us above the poverty level,” one law enforcement source told FITS. “To further gut what is arguably one of the primary jobs of local government for the sake of being ‘fair’ to all of the employees of government is the most cowardly thing I have seen.”

This cop is absolutely correct …

South Carolina’s “Republican-controlled” government loves to dole out exorbitant salaries, benefits and pensions to useless bureaucrats who do nothing but waste tax dollars on totally unnecessary tasks – but when it comes time to provide a reasonable benefit to those who put their lives on the line performing a core function, they shaft them.

Shameful …


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