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What does the state of South Carolina’s most notorious political animal do on the weekend before a major election?  Leaf-peeping and antiquing, of course.

Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) will be out of pocket this weekend as he and his lovely wife travel to Black Mountain, N.C. for some fall fun (bow chicka wow wow).  This area has always been very special to Sic as he grew up attending church retreats at nearby Montreat, N.C. – home of evangelical icon Billy Graham (who is, amazingly, still alive).

And no, this handsome little devil (a.k.a. Phillippe Randolph Folks) won’t be tagging along on this trip … nor will any other wild and crazy pint-sized ragamuffins.

“Awwwww,” right?  Yeah, he’s cute …

Anyway, FITS will be back in the saddle late Sunday … at which point you can enjoy our wall-to-wall Election 2012 coverage (and our ongoing coverage of Nikki Haley’s “Epic Hack” scandal).