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Mitt Romney Up In Ohio




Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney enjoys a two percent lead over U.S. President Barack Obama in the latest polling from Ohio – arguably the most critical swing state in next week’s presidential election.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey of likely Buckeye State voters shows Romney ahead of Obama by a 50-48 percent margin.

The only problem? A whopping 32 percent of Ohio voters have already cast their ballots – and of those, 62 percent say they voted for Obama compared to just 36 percent who voted for Romney.  Also, Obama still has a slim lead among “independent” voters as the race enters its final week.

While Romney still has a ways to go to win this critical battleground state – he’s doing much better here than he was a month ago.

Ohio’s eighteen electoral votes are among the most hotly contested in the nation, according to polling averages compiled by Real Clear Politics.  Romney and Obama are also duking it out in Colorado (Tie), Florida (Romney +1.3 percent), Iowa (Obama +2.3 percent), Michigan (Obama +4 percent), Nevada (Obama +2.4 percent), New Hampshire (Obama +2 percent), North Carolina (Romney +3 percent), Pennsylvania (Obama +4 percent), Virginia (Tie) and Wisconsin (Obama +2.3 percent).

Working in Romney’s favor? An “intensity gap” that Republicans insist isn’t showing up in national polling.

According to a new Pew poll released this week, 76 percent of Republican and “lean Republican” voters say they are likely to vote in the upcoming election compared to 62 percent of Democratic and “lean Democratic” voters.

Will this gap impact these swing state polls?  We’ll find out next Tuesday …

Obviously this website has no preference in the “Obamney” election.  Last week we proudly endorsed former GOP New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson – the Libertarian party’s nominee.