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The Punch Donald Trump Needs To Throw At Bill Clinton




There’s an utterly ridiculous debate taking place in presidential politics this week regarding sexism.  You know … because apparently an $18.8 trillion national debt, rampant joblessness, porous borders and radical jihad are too depressing to think about.

Ready?  Here goes …

Presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton bashed GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for being sexist.  Trump responded by pointing out Clinton’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, pretty much invented that particular “-ism.”

Hillary rushed to protect her husband and … well, advantage Trump.

But if Trump really wants to have some fun at Bill Clinton’s expense, he ought to delve into his economic legacy.  Wait … what?  Didn’t Clinton preside over the last period of real prosperity in the United States?

Yes … but …

On the way out of office, Clinton’s administration authorized a massive ramp-up in “affordable housing” lending which led – eventually – to the “Great Recession” of 2007-09.  Even better for Trump?  This $2.4 trillion expansion in ill-conceived home loan mandates (which helped usher in the collapse of America’s sub-prime lending market) was based on the demonstrably untrue belief that minorities were being denied equal access to home loans.

Yeah … political correctness spawned the “Great Recession” people.  Look it up.

If that’s not a made-to-order issue for Trump, we don’t know what is …