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Herd. Thinned.




|| By FITSNEWS ||  We’d never heard of Greg Plitt before, but apparently he is – or was – a fitness model and star of the Bravo reality television show “Work Out.”

Plitt died on Saturday after being fatally struck by a train north of the Burbank Metrolink Station in Los Angeles.

What happened?  The model – who had appeared in campaigns for Under Armour, Old Navy Jeans and Calvin Klein, among others – was reportedly filming a new action video for his website in which he attempted to outrun a speeding train.  Plitt may have even been hopped up on caffeine at the time as local law enforcement sources tell celebrity gossip website TMZ they “found multiple energy drink bottles near the track.”

A 37-year-old native of Baltimore, Maryland, Plitt was a U.S. Army Ranger prior to his career as a certified personal trainer and model.

According to TMZ, police have a video that “shows Plitt standing on the tracks as the train barrels toward him.”

“Shortly before the train reaches Plitt he assumes a runners stance and bolts down the track,” the website reported, referring to the as-yet-unreleased clip. “The video shows the train closes in on Plitt as he races at breakneck speed, but he loses the battle and the train ‘clips’ him … throwing him off the track to his death. It happens quickly and after getting struck he disappears from the video.”

Plitt’s death was the result of “multiple blunt force injuries,” according to the Los Angeles coroner.

A spokesman for the Metrolink train system says Plitt and his film crew did not have authorization to be on the tracks at the time of the accident.  He also says the engineer of the train did everything possible to prevent the “terrible tragedy.”

“The engineer did see Mr. Plitt and used the brakes and sounded the horns, but he was still struck,” the spokesman said.

Ya think?

Trains are faster than people – even really, really fast people. And while we feel terrible for Plitt’s family and friends – who are no doubt devastated by his death – this strikes us as a pretty clear example of the herd being thinned.