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Stephen Goldfinch Has A Problem




This website has written extensively about the legal and ethical troubles of S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch – a fiscal liberal who is running for reelection as a “Republican” in Georgetown County.

Wanna catch yourself up on Goldfinch’s various shenanigans (including his role in an illegal stem cell network and the influence peddling he attempted related to a treasure hunting scheme gone awry?) Click HERE.

It’s not just that Goldfinch votes the wrong way (he does).  Or is a shady character (he is).  Goldfinch tops off the trifecta of mega-douchebaggery by being totally insufferable.

Seriously … he’s one of those guys that just can’t leave it alone.  And who always has to be right.

Anyway … this week Goldfinch’s opponent in Georgetown County, former S.C. Rep. Vida Miller, announced the formation of a “Republicans for Miller” group.  This otherwise forgettable event was touted on social media by Miller’s consultant, Tyler Jones.

Why are you reading about it now?  Easy: Goldfinch’s over-the-top response …

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After being called out by Jones for voting to raise his own pay – and the federal charges related to his stem cell gig – Goldfinch threatened to sue the Democratic operative.

“You know this isn’t true and this is definitely malicious,” Goldfinch wrote to Jones. “You’re treading on legally actionable ground Tyler. Careful.”

Ummmm … what?

Here’s our reporting on Goldfinch’s pay raise vote.  And here’s our reporting on the stem cell scandal (which led to his guilty plea).  We’re curious … what about either of these stories is “not true?”  Or “legally actionable?”

“Is it just me, or did a sitting member of the State House just threaten to sue a citizen for mentioning facts that have been reported in the media for months now?” one of our readers noted. “Geez. Maybe this state does need a tough new anti-bullying law … for legislators.”

We agree …

Goldfinch can threaten lawsuits all he wants, but those threats don’t change the fact that he voted to increase his own pay and pleaded guilty to federal charges related to his role in the stem cell scandal.

We understand why Goldfinch doesn’t want these two issues mentioned, though.  According to polling we’ve seen in his district, his race with Miller moves from the “dead heat” category to the “blowout loss” category when voters are informed of those two bits of information.