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SCGOP Cybersquatting “Vince Sheheen”



A funny thing happens if you go to the website …

Instead of information about the recently announced South Carolina Democratic gubernatorial candidate,Vincent Sheheen (info you can find on, by the way), “” takes readers to a page on the S.C. “Republican” Party website.

Wait … what? Why is the domain name for a Democrat taking viewers to a “Republican” party page? Easy: The SCGOP is “cybersquatting,” a less-than-mellifluous term which refers to a “hostile takeover” of a domain name by one’s opponents.

This is hardly a new trick in Palmetto politics. In fact Democrats “cybersquatted” on Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Sanford way back in 2002 – before Sanford had even won the GOP nomination, incidentally.

What do we think of the practice? Not much … it’s pretty much a pussy move in our opinion. Also a pussy move? This ongoing Republican obsession with calling Sheheen “Vince” instead of “Vincent.” Seriously, what’s up with that?

If Nimrata Randhawa Haley wants to be called “Nikki,” then we’ll call her that. And if Vincent Sheheen wants to be called “Vincent,” we’ll call him that.

And if S.C. First Gentleman Michael Haley wants to be called William … well, we know who makes that call.