Prioleau Alexander: Make It Stop

America’s need to “feel safe” is exposing it to far graver dangers than those foisted upon us during the Covid-19 regime …

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Every government wants to know how difficult it would be to control their subjects. That information may one day be needed in order to stay in power. The United States government in 21st Century is no different … power is intoxicating, and those requiring this ongoing buzz need to know how far they can push people before they get their asses kicked. It’s basic bar fight mathematics. 

So how do they find out? Dammit, it’s hard! Those pesky Americans — they’re free-thinking, independent … and armed. The puppet masters probably endured a lot of sleepless nights trying to crack that control code. 

Then, along came Covid-19. This “crisis” offered a perfect time for the government to find out exactly how compliant their subjects are. 



So, under the guise of the virus, they ordered people to stay in their homes despite their experts knowing it wouldn’t help the situation. And we did … isolating seemed to be a logical solution, given the Big Bad Thing was a virus. It seemed a bit excessive, but we were being told by the government that Covid will kill everyone coffin-dead.

But then — if you’re the government — you want to see how far you can push it, so you add in insane things your experts know for a fact won’t help solve the problem. Things like:

  • Masks and social distancing. 
  • Arresting people for sitting alone getting some fresh air in a “closed” park. 
  • Writing $100 tickets for little old ladies out for a stroll. 

And let’s not forget allowing unmasked people to walk on the beach but not sit down … while forcing diners to wear a mask walking to their table, but not after they sit down

The government — city, county, state, and federal — turned the mostly harmless-to-healthy-people Covid-19 virus into the greatest social experiment (and crime) in history.

Finally, a year into these insane Covid restrictions, the big moment arrives: Can we get the American public to let us inject them with an experimental drug they know nothing about? Are they that gullible?



“The majority of Americans will do virtually anything to feel safe.”


The drug didn’t work — at all. Its failure is so obvious, even the loudest sheeple shrieking “kill the Unvaxxed” won’t take the “new and vital” booster. Why was it so important to “kill the unvaxxed” when less than two percent of Americans are willing to take the latest jab?

The government learned another lesson from Americans’ refusal to take the latest shot: They can’t make things like the vax voluntary. They need to force the sheeple to do things, with the threat of losing their jobs, or being restricted from basic freedoms, or being jailed.

The big Covid-19 lesson? The majority of Americans will do virtually anything to feel safe.

Segue: After Covid-19, crime in the Blue cities has spiraled out of control … especially in the Big Apple.

Why? Nothing has changed. It’s still New York City, with the same residents, no?

It has spiraled out of control because the government MADE it spiral out of control.



They made conditions for police officers so miserable and dangerous they’ve left in droves … or they’re sitting in their cars and refusing to get involved. The courts are releasing violent criminals with no-cash bail. They’ve reduced police presence in high-crime areas. And they’ve waited and watched for what frightens sheeple the most.

And they found it: The subways. It got so bad the sheeple broke and said, “Make it STOP. I don’t care how you do it … MAKE IT STOP.”


Bring in the military … in uniform, dressed for combat … to search subway users’ bags, and maintain an intimidating presence.

The military??? In New York??? New Yorkers are badasses — they’d never go along with that! The ACLU would have a field day! Protests would shut down the city!

Nope. These armed soldiers have been welcomed with open arms. They are the way to MAKE IT STOP. 

What are they stopping? The very thing the puppet masters made happen in the first place.




The sheeple have been subjugated without a shot fired. In the name of safety – from the mess government created – the process of norming a military in the city has begun.

Equally frightening, with every day that passes the National Guardsmen are getting used to the idea, thinking, “These people need us. They can’t take care of themselves, so we must take care of them. The law can’t do it, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked for our help. We are the answer.”

Countless times psychology experiments have proven that if you grant decent people power they aren’t used to, they will use it … usually to the detriment of others. It is apparently wired into our DNA, and very few people can resist the feeling it provides.

What’s the thinking amongst the power brokers now?

“If the police alone could keep the City That Never Sleeps on complete lockdown, imagine what could be accomplished with the military there! Once these idiots fully embrace them — because the military makes them feel safe — we’ll move the soldiers up onto the sidewalk. They’ll feel even safer! After a few more of these vermin murder innocent citizens, we’ll authorize the soldiers to carry their service rifles. They gotta get around, right? We’ll eventually introduce olive-drab Humvees and military trucks for their transportation.”

After that? Take this formula, and add in a terrorism attack or two. Those are coming, of course — because the government has allowed thousands of known terrorists to waltz across the Southern border intermingled with the families. 

Can you even imagine the control the government will wield in NYC after a couple of terrorist attacks?


“This is part of a bigger plan.”


Now you’ve got to be asking, “Why would New York do this to themselves?”

They aren’t. This is being done in conjunction with whoever the hell is actually running the country. This is part of a far bigger plan.

FBI director Christopher Wray recently said he’d never seen so many threats against America, and that “red lights are blinking everywhere.”

Duh. We’ve let thousands of military-aged male terrorists into the country.  This is part of a far bigger plan.

The Deep State, the DOJ, and permanent DC know Trump is coming for them if he gets elected, so that cannot happen.  But, the polls look bad. Really bad. Biden is even losing young people, Blacks, Latinos, and blue-collar workers who’re mortgaging the house to buy groceries.

What are the Swamp Creatures options?

Well, they know the Americans all across the Republic are watching their experiment in NYC, and the overwhelming majority—even center and right—are thinking, “Hell, yeah. Those Guardsmen will bust criminal heads. It’s about time they grab the reins and started making NYC safe.” 

Everyone is happy.

Therein lies the rub, because Americans in general are watching the beginning of a military police presence unfold, and viewing it as a wise decision. The Guardsmen doing the policing aren’t being asked to do anything unethical, so they feel good about their mission.

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(U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

So, the terrorist attack happens in NYC. Ten thousand more Guardsmen pour into the five Boroughs, and they do their job, of course. The people feel safe, because the Guard is damn good at their job. They aren’t shooting anyone … they’re keeping order.

The nation watches, and says, “Thank God the military was available.”

Then … some terrorist attacks happen in “swing counties” in some “swing states.”

The Guard worked in New York … they’ll work in those places. Gotta bring some damn law and order!

Huh. Swing Counties in Swing States … how orderly and exacting do you think those elections will be?

The Deep State made it happen, so they’re ready — with a plan in place.

Crazy? Perhaps. 

But think of all the things the Feds know about Americans … because they’ve done the experiments, and seen it with their own eyes.

We’re willing to be locked down, even for years.

We’re willing to take grossly absurd orders from police.

We’re willing to watch mobs burn down cities across the nation, but nod along sheepishly when the police arrest — on TV — a group gathered for church.

We’re willing to do anything — no matter how insane — to feel SAFE.

What else do they know?

The FBI and DOJ are willing to break any laws their bosses order them to.

The police are willing to give and enforce grossly absurd orders, using zero common-sense discretion.

Big Tech will censor any information the Biden administration wants suppressed.


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Do none of the things that have occurred in the past four years cause your personal red lights to flash? That all of the things listed above — things unthinkable since 1776 — have happened in plain sight in the blink of an eye?

Does it bother you that the Republicans in Congress have done nothing to stop this madness? Nothing? Aren’t they bound by the same rules the Democrats are? Why do the Democrats win at everything? Do the majority of Republicans hate Trump as much as the Left does?

Let’s bring this down to a 100-foot level: If Your fortune and freedom were literally based on the outcome of the election for your city councilman, what would you be willing to do to help him win the race? If your guy doesn’t win, you go to jail, and die penniless?

I’d guess, “Whatever it takes.”

That’s the Deep State and Permanent Washington right now …

If there is chaos in these swing counties, imagine all the creative ways to vote the puppet masters will have in place.

I could, of course, be entirely wrong … maybe it’s just happenstance, like the other hundred cases of “happenstance” that have taken place in the past four years … but reviewing all the experimentation noted above, Occam’s Razor seems to come into play. What other reason can there be for all these national experiments?

Our Deep State has overthrown governments and assassinated political leaders all around the world for 70 years… but they say it’s only because it was “beneficial to US interests.”

What do you think they’d be willing to do to keep their own necks out of a noose?



Prioleau Alexander is a freelance writer, focusing mostly on politics and non-fiction humor. He is the author of four books: ‘You Want Fries With That?,’ ‘Dispatches Along the Way,’ ‘Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?‘ and ‘They Don’t Call It The Submission Process For Nothing.’ 



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Avatar photo
VERITAS Top fan April 2, 2024 at 10:11 am

A family member said a few years back that she doesn’t pay attention to the news anymore because it’s “too worrying”. I replied, “I worry because no one’s paying attention.” The ones who see the big picture and the mob thinking mentality, events unfolding that no one’s paying attention to because their heads are in the sand, are purposely being dismissed as conspiracy theorists and ridiculed, shamed, canceled. The gaslighting we now are experiencing in America is on a scale unseen since World War II in Germany. Relativism is the new dictator. The death culture wants those they oppose dead, either by force or patience. “Things will change when you’re dead” a young man once screamed at me. My crime was attending a Critical Race Theory information session open to the public for the price of the box lunch provided. I hear many say, “Something’s not right.” “Things seem off.” “I don’t understand what’s going on today.”

We used to think the Dick Tracy comic strip watch phones were only in the imagination. You’re not far off, Prioleau. It’s just a matter of time.

Jack Hinson April 2, 2024 at 2:20 pm

Things will seem a lot clearer if people stop listening to BS right-wing websites and right-wing media, that constantly fill their heads with lie, after lie after lie. Even after being forced to admit in court that they lie to their viewers to keep them watching, nothing seems to break through the far-right conditioning. It is a cult mentality. Let me clear up a few things for you.

1. The crime rate in the US is falling for the second year in a row and is now lower than it was under Trump. According to criminologist Jeff Asher, who analyzed the FBI’s most recent data, which compares crime rates in the third quarter of 2023 to the same period in 2022, shows that violent crime dropped 8%, while property crime fell 6.3% to what would be its lowest level since 1961. Further, murder plummeted in the United States in 2023 at one of the fastest rates of decline ever recorded. Asher found, that every category of major crime declined in 2023 except auto theft.

2. Illegal immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than legal immigrants and legal immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than natural-born US Citizens.

So why would right-wing media make up the crime crisis? Why would authors like this one go along with their half-truths and full-on lies? The far right needs to gin up crisis after crisis, and scapegoat after scapegoat to justify what they think needs to be done to the Country. They want to install a strong man dictator who can set the country on their version of the right path and who can and will use the military to quell dissent to their governance. As this author and others like him have frequently said. The right has the guns. They believe the rest of the country can be easily controlled at the point of a gun, and that is ok by them as long as their guy is wielding the gun. Trump is their guy. Trump so desperately wants to be a dictator he will happily go along with this plan if we give him a chance, and as Liz Cheney said, “he will never voluntarily leave the White House again.

Trump and all of his followers are un-American. They are just Nazis in disguise. They have the same ideas and the same tactics as Hitler.

As Sinclair Lews reportedly said, “When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” I never really believed that, until I saw Donald Trump hocking Bibles with the US Flag behind him. Then I knew. This was all so predictable.

We need to stand up to these people or be prepared to live under the heel of a modern-day Jack Boot, until they have destroyed our country, taken our lives, or plunged the world into war. Maybe all three.

Dianne Lopp Top fan April 2, 2024 at 5:07 pm

Yout orange calf idol has said he will be a dictator on Day One if elected again. In 2020/21, he wanted to abandon the Constitution. And you’d be the first to bow down if he crowned himself king.

Dum Spiro Spero Top fan April 4, 2024 at 10:29 pm

If you actually believe all this stuff, then you also no doubt believe that the Holocaust never happened, that Hitler safely escaped and died in Argentina, that the moon landing was faked, that Elvis Presley was recently sighted in Mississippi, and that Donald Trump is a decent and honest man.


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