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Prioleau Alexander: The United States Of ‘Meh’

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Only in the United States of “Meh.”

For those who haven’t noticed, there’s some real news rolling out of the media these days, and unlike most news it isn’t being read directly from a Democratic National Committee press release. These are stories so huge they can’t be spun. This is history-and-mankind changing stuff.

What is it that keeps us from discussing these stories over the dinner table, at bars, and on the floor of congress? How can these stories not be the focus of every public speech?

Conservatives are worried about snowflakes in California stifling free speech on campus … about the homeless people crapping on the streets of San Francisco … about people in Blue cities getting murdered by madmen, and getting out on cashless bail.

Don’t get me wrong — I get distracted by this stuff, too. But the truth is, none of it affects me. People in Blue cities elect their leaders, so sidewalk feces and broad-daylight murder is their problem, not mine. If UC-Berkeley students don’t want Ben Shapiro to speak, why should I care? I’m quite sure Mr. Shapiro cashed the check anyway, and saved himself from being boo-ed for an hour.

There’s an old saying: Never murder a man who’s in the process of committing suicide. That’s what we conservatives are doing — trying to stop Blue states and cities from their own self-destruction. We should be cheering for 100-foot mountains of crap on the streets of San Francisco and Seattle, so they can all get the bubonic plague and stop being so bothersome. We should be sending tents to LA to help their homeless populations grow.

But here are a few things actually worth pondering and discussing — for those on the LEFT and the RIGHT. These are the stories that affect us all. We can’t do anything about these stories, but we shouldn’t ignore them either.



For example:

The United States government has literally admitted we have UFOs buzzing around the world. Yes, they’ve actually admitted that Little Green Men and Flying Saucers are real. They have found technology “not of this world,” and we have no idea if these UFOs mean us good or ill—are they funny and bumbling like Mork from Ork? Are they like that ugly dude in Predator, looking to hunt humans for fun? Are they here to somehow help us from destroying ourselves?

Unless these government and Pentagon officials, generals, fighter pilots, professors, and whistleblowers are lying, this is the biggest story since Jesus rolled aside a big-ass rock and stepped back out into the world.

No one seems to batting an eye at the news. How distracted does a nation have to be to hear the government say UFOs are among us, and respond with, “meh.”

Here’s another:

Vladimir Putin, a psychopath by any psychiatric standard, has stated point blank he’s willing to use nukes to stay in power. And he’s also willing to use them if his next-door neighbors join NATO. Nukes. Real no-bullshit nukes. He has a hyper-sonic nuke called Satan II that can’t be intercepted, and can destroy an area the size of France.

Do we think he’s kidding? The most dangerous man in the world has access to Satan II rockets … has said he’s more than willing to use them … and we’re blowing him off? Not only blowing him off, but scurrying around recruiting his enemies to join NATO?

Might his mood be darkened by the fact drones, probably made in America, are now striking downtown Moscow?

Life on earth literally ends if we get into a nuke fight with the Russians … not a we’re gonna-drown-in-80-years event, but all civilization ends before the hour is up.


What about this one:

Some Canadian truckers protested Canada’s governmental policies, so prime minster Justin Trudeau froze their bank accounts. He froze the accounts of people identified as supporting the truckers. He got GoFundMe to stop accepting donations, and GoFundMe seized all the money that was raised. Donors were told to fill out a special form if they wanted their money back.

This was f’n huge, made doubly so by the fact the U.S. Congress did nothing about it.

Think about this. In a democracy whose border touches ours, their prime minister cut off his people’s access to their money. This isn’t socialism-light like Scandinavia … this is dictatorship stuff … hard core communism stuff. 

Our response? No sanctions, no tariffs, not so much as a strongly worded letter to the UN – which we’ve come to believe is somehow valuable. Our leaders did nothing, and that should be a huge concern to every American.

(Click to View)


Why? They probably did nothing because they thought, “Damn, cool idea. We need to do that too when some of our proles get uppity.”

Most of the I-love-Big-Brother types on the Left probably think this is okay, because they like the idea of being able to punish those they disagree with. It never occurs to them turnabout is fair play, and it can happen to them if the power structure swings to the Right.

The DOJ, FBI, Congress, and the President have made clear the government can and will do anything they please, and we the proles have no way to fight back … so nothing is what we do. We’ve come to embrace “learned helplessness.”

“Won’t happen to me,” most conservatives think. “I’m a law-abiding, keep-my-head-down, hard-working American.”

You mean like a trucker?



Dutch farmers, the second biggest exporter of fruits and vegetables in the world, are being driven to bankruptcy by their government’s ban on greenhouse-gas causing fertilizer. This is, per acre, the most productive land on earth with a carbon footprint of damn-near zero, and the Dutch government is stifling their farmers ability to grow food?

We’re talking about food—along with water, the most important thing in the world.

What has America’s Congress done? Stay silent … or applaud.

Why? Maybe because they like the idea themselves?

The Dutch farmers plight might be nothing … just a couple hundred thousand families who’ll lose everything. Won’t happen to me. I’m not a farmer.

True, but you eat food. And based on America’s obesity epidemic, odds are you eat a lot of food.

Bill Gates et al. are talking publicly — publicly! — about the need to reduce the earth’s population to stop global warming. If that adds up to a .01 percent chance you or your children will be one of the useless eaters culled from the herd, you should be concerned.



Anthony Fauci and the CDC shut down the entire nation for two years, and demanded Americans wear masks, social distance, close non-essential business, and get vaccines. Americans watched loved ones die of non-Covid diseases over ZOOM calls. Children are experiencing emotional and academic retardation. Suicides and mental illness have skyrocketed.

Every single one of those measures has been proven to be pointless bullshit. The vaccine never worked, and they knew it. Hydroxychloroquine DID work, and they knew it — with proof provided by the fact that hundreds of millions in Africa take Hydroxychloroquine daily, and the impact of Covid on their continent was much less than on the other continents.

So many people have “died suddenly,” there’s a terrifying documentary called Died Suddenly. The most gruesome aspect is when the producers go to the source closest to the end-stage truth: Not just medical professionals, but embalmers. What they’ve seen and have to say about it is horrible.

(Click to View)


Most recently, actor Jamie Foxx damn near died shortly after being coerced into a vaccine while on a movie set … and prime-of-his-life high school athlete Bronny James just had a heart attack. Myocarditis is a well-known side effect of the vaccine, but for some insane reason we don’t talk about it.

Consider this: Before Covid, how many people under sixty with no underlying illness did you personally know who “died suddenly?” How many now?

And yet, crickets. No one’s doing anything … because it’s yesterday’s news?


What else?

Practically yesterday, the United States abandoned a hundred thousand Afghan nationals — who’d helped our country in its 20-year war — to the most merciless group of terrorists in the world. Untold numbers of American citizens as well. Thousands are being tortured, raped, and executed. Every step the U.S. took to bring human rights and equality to the people of Afghanistan has been undone. Overnight, women went back to being property.

America spent $2.3 TRILLION dollars directly on the 20-year war in Afghanistan, and we not only failed to help their people… we hurt them.

Meh… nothing to see here. Justice was served when … uh… oh, yes—we didn’t fire anyone on the Joint Chiefs.

Another big story?

TikTok is a Chinese owned company, and it is literally collecting data on every American stupid enough to use it. It has been reported by numerous sources the software is so malicious, uninstalling it is pointless. A phone with TikTok should be destroyed, and new one purchased that’s never had the App on it.

This is a clear and present danger to America, but Congress has done nothing about it. Nothing.

(Click to View)

South Carolina Sides With 46 States Asking Court to Make It Comply With Consumer Investigations related to TikTok

Is it because watching videos of 13-year-old girls in bikinis twerk makes it too important to ban? Because they don’t want to ruffle the scales of the Red Dragon? Or is it because they’re enriching themselves through deals with Chinese companies? If uber-high-profile people like the President and his son are bold enough to do it, why not the Congressman from Donkey Neck, Georgia?


This is odd:

Here in America, where the rights of gays and lesbians are mainstream, we’re fighting over the rights of mentally ill people who believe they are the opposite sex. A Supreme Court Justice can’t define what a woman is. Fifty percent of our nation thinks a man can have a baby. Public schools are teaching elementary school children about straight and gay sex, despite parents’ objections. Pedophiles aren’t put to death — they’re now defined as MAPs. “Minor Attracted Persons.”

In other words, gays and lesbians are so fully accepted, we’re looking for sexual causes to protect — and we’re tearing the country of over 300 million apart to pamper people who make up .0001 percent of the population.

Seemingly unnoticed, recent votes in Africa have resulted in homosexuality being illegal on half of the continent … and in virtually all of the Middle East. Many of these nations punish homosexuality with a death sentence.

Has no one noticed this? Does it not matter? We’ll bitterly divide America over trans rights, yet do business nations who murder gays and lesbians? Send them aid? Provide them with weapons?

Where are America’s LGBT activists? Where is Congress? If protecting an American’s rights to cut off the sexual appendages is so important, why aren’t we helping those truly persecuted? Sometimes legally murdered, just for being gay?

Meh. Forget it, Jake—it’s Africa. It’s the Middle East.


According to NPR, there are currently 50 million people in slavery around the world. In the years leading up to the War Between the States, there were 3.9 million slaves in America. We are arguing about reparations for American blacks — who enjoy one of the highest standards of living among blacks across the world — and ignoring 50 million human beings living a life worse than hell?

Why don’t we have millions of Americans moving to Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe to fight these injustices? Bearing arms, and killing the slave owners? Supposedly, millions of racist-as-hell Union soldiers fought and died to “free the slaves” during the War Between the States, so where are our 21st Century warriors?

Do black and brown lives not matter? I mean, sure — the Left doesn’t care about those evil white girls from Eastern Europe getting drugged and raped ten times a day, but what about the Africans? The Arabs? The Persians?


What gives?

It’s not really the fault of the American people. Most Americans don’t follow the news because most of it is spin and lies — and those of us who do are subjected to a news cycle that spins like a meth-fueled whirling Dervish. In 1989, after Charleston was damn-near flattened by Hurricane Hugo, we were in the national news for weeks … which resulted in assistance from all over the nation. Same with Katrina in New Orleans.

Today? As soon as the Weather Channel’s reporters can no longer pretend to “risk life and limb” to heroically report on the storm, the story is gone. Tens of thousands of families are devastated, and need the assistance that comes with awareness, but that story is gone with the wind, overnight. Good luck, storm victims — the police shot a triple-murderer raping a woman, and there’s got to be a racism angle.

The news is how we the people used to stay informed … you know, about little things like freaking alien UFOs living among us. Now, there is no news — just different, cherry-picked nuggets designed to entertain and dumb-down Americans — left and right.

Who would’ve thought it?

Click bait might topple Pax Americana.



Prioleau Alexander (Provided)

Prioleau Alexander is a freelance writer, focusing mostly on politics and non-fiction humor. He is the author of two books: ‘You Want Fries With That?’ and ‘Dispatches Along the Way.’ Both are available on Amazon. He hopes to have another title published soon, but that would require his agent actually doing his job, so it may be awhile. Oh, and if you want to see his preferred bio pic? Click here …



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Dylan Nolan


You’re welcome July 31, 2023 at 10:02 pm

Yes, Drunkle, the majority of Americans are not conspiracy theory believing morons who get their info from fringe-right-wing websites.

Therefore, what you and your crazy idiot peers think is “major”” news, sounds like non-sensical ramblings to mature adults.

Observer (the real one) July 31, 2023 at 10:06 pm

Why are these “conservatives” so terrified by the outside World?

Why does this weirdo talk about Blue Cities or whatever not affecting him and then goes on about Canada, the Dutch, Russia (that’s where I stopped)?

What was the point of this clueless blog post?

Can I have my two minutes back?

Observer (the real one) August 1, 2023 at 2:31 am

Thanks for continuing to hijack my screen name, asshole!

You? August 1, 2023 at 10:54 am


Very original, cuck.

Get a life.

DarkBrandon2024 July 31, 2023 at 10:11 pm

My guy has the sadz because nobody wants anything to do with his copies of Hunter Biden’s dick pics.

Republicans has lost their collective minds.

They just yell at the clouds, like this poor fella.

Flossip Top fan August 1, 2023 at 9:25 am

Did no one ever teach you to edit what you write? You know, focus on the main point, not drag every single conspiracy theory you’ve been spoon-fed into a single column. I think this may, in part, explain the lack of success you’ve apparently had as a writer. The other is that you’re perfectly willing to believe utter drivel from the usual suspects than actually expand your world view a little and truly investigate if what you’re being sold is actually true or not.

Jim August 1, 2023 at 10:56 am

This writer you platform is funny!

Did The Onion fire him?

Ralph Hightower Top fan August 1, 2023 at 12:29 pm

Good one!

Ralph Hightower Top fan August 1, 2023 at 12:28 pm

Prioleau should join the Nancy Mace support group of UFO Alien Abduction.


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