Murdaugh Lawyer Drama – Week In Review 5/20/2023

Attorneys trade barbs ahead of upcoming court cases …

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As the ‘Murdaugh Murders’ crime and corruption saga moves into its next phase, some are playing checkers … while others are playing chess.

We kept our audience apprised of all the latest Murdaugh-related moves this week as Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin – attorneys for convicted killer Alex Murdaugh – deftly positioned themselves ahead of several upcoming financial crimes trials involving Murdaugh and his various co-conspirators.

Their (unwitting) accomplices? Attorneys/ podcasters Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter, who represent the family of former Murdaugh housekeeper Gloria Satterfield. Satterfield died suspiciously on the Murdaugh hunting property known as Moselle in February of 2018 – and Alex Murdaugh is accused of lying about the circumstances surrounding her death as part of a successful bid to scam her heirs out of millions of dollars in fraudulent settlements.



Bland and Richter have been playing defense for several weeks now – aggressively refuting the notion that their entire case is a fraud now that Murdaugh has admitted he lied.

This week, the duo got hit squarely in the jaw by a motion from Harpootlian and Griffin accusing them of misconduct in connection with the Satterfield case. Specifically, the attorneys were accused of attempting to negotiate favorable testimony at a December 2021 bond hearing in exchange for Murdaugh signing a confession of judgment in favor of their clients, Satterfield’s heirs.

In addition to tracking those fireworks, it was a busy week politically in the Palmetto State. Our director of special projects Dylan Nolan – who produces this show each week – paid a visit to the S.C. State House where he spoke with victims and victims’ advocates about a boater safety bill making its way through the state legislature.




Satterfield Case: Motion Filed By Alex Murdaugh’s Attorneys
Chess Moves Behind Alex Murdaugh’s Latest Court Filing


‘Cute Young Ladies’ Pushing Boating Reform Bill


Lawsuit Filed Following Folly Beach Crash



Will Folks (Brett Flashnick)

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Will Folks


Avatar photo
The Colonel Top fan May 20, 2023 at 8:08 pm

Lawd Will, get off it.

Neither Judge made any decisions based on anything Bland or Richter had to say. It was already established that “Elick” was “suspect number 1” in the murders when he went to the first bond hearing with Newman. The fact that Steel hadn’t shared that with you is meaningless. Any deal made between your current “whipping boy Bland” and “Harpo/Griffin” is purely a tort issue. The trial quickly coming to a docket near you is a criminal matter. Newman and the States Attorney couldn’t care less about Bland’s credibility. DA “Elick” has already put enough evidence into the record by his own admission or through fool hardy attempts to defend himself that it will be a short, ugly trial with a 99.99% assurance of a guilty plea.

“Harmbo” are trying to get their boy into a federal prison – that’s what all this “chess maneuvering” is all about. Reality is that they’re not playing chess or checkers, they’re playing “go fish” with a deck of 41 cards…

Kay Blossom May 21, 2023 at 9:31 am

What The Colonel said.

stephen henry Top fan May 23, 2023 at 2:43 pm

When is at least ONE journalist going to ask SLED if Alex Murdaugh’s GPS and phone records from the day of Gloria Satterfield’s “fall” has been requested or obtained. Every single word written so far about her death has accepted Alex Murdaugh’s “alibi” that he wasn’t at Moselle when Gloria’s “accident” occurred. Oh, yeah … of course and by the way … that is a PRECISE replica of his original “alibi” for not being at Moselle when Maggie and Paul were murdered. Law enforcement, the media, and of course the Satterfield family seem willing to let the actual cause of her death go COMPLETELY UNVESTIGATED. WTF is all I can say … and anyone now asking that same obscene question clearly cares nothing about justice.


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