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Georgia Teen Torture Case: What Are Local Police Doing?

We need arrests … not social media refereeing.

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The Glynn County police department in Georgia released an update earlier this week via social media on its ongoing “investigation” into the torture of Georgia teenager, Trent Lehrkamp. And yes, we are using that term charitably at this point giving its apparent lack of forward motion.

Our media outlet was among the first in the nation to report on the sad saga unfolding on Saint Simons Island, Georgia involving Lehrkamp. We were also the first to call what happened to the 19-year-old what it was: Torture.

Not “bullying.” Not “hazing.” Torture.

To recap: On March 21, 2023, Lehrkamp’s attackers recorded videos and posted photos to social media as they allegedly lured him to a home, bound him with duct tape, spray painted him, (including his face and eyes) urinated on him, defecated on him, waterboarded him, poured liquor down his throat and forced him to ingest drugs.

When he was dumped off at the emergency room at Southeast Georgia medical center at approximately 8:30 p.m. EST that evening, Lehrkamp was drawing only six breaths per minute and his blood alcohol level was a staggering .464 – nearly six times Georgia’s legal limit of .08. He was placed on a ventilator and was in the hospital’s intensive care unit for over a week.

Subsequent investigation revealed this wasn’t the first time these goons assaulted Lehrkamp.



The alleged perpetrators of the torture are said to be students at Glynn Academy, a public school in Brunswick. In fact, school officials acknowledged some of the alleged perpetrators were “current students,” according to local radio station WGIG 98.7.

As previously reported, several of these individuals hail from prominent local families. In fact, one of the families whose teenager was reportedly involved is affiliated with the local newspaper which first reported on the latest incident – attempting to classify it as “hazing.”

Despite the fact many of Lehrkamp’s attackers were publicly identified in the days following the incident, no arrests have been made.

In fact, based on the latest “update” police appear more concerned with refereeing alleged “misinformation” on social media than locking up those responsible for nearly killing this young man.

The statement released yesterday by interim chief O’Neal Jackson III has many in the community upset and concerned over the lack of noticeable progress after two weeks of investigation. According to Jackson, the “community has been challenged with a desire for swift justice and accountability, while balancing the need for a thorough and complete investigation.”

Where is the balance, though?

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(Via: Glynn County Police Department)

Curiously, Jackson placed some of the blame for this apparently slow-walked inquiry on social media.

“It is equally important we all work together to help dispel the misinformation being disseminated, much of which could perceivably threaten the lives and reputations of many innocent people,” Jackson continued. “Misinformation also delays and hampers the investigation as it needlessly requires the diversion of resources. Just as we have asked the public to help by providing information, you can also help by refusing to pass on information without verifying the facts.”

In citing examples of alleged misinformation, the statement noted “there is no evidence that anyone defecated on the victim during any of the events we are investigating” nor was there any evidence Lehrkamp “ingested any battery acid during the reported incident.”

Regarding the parents of the attackers, Jackson states that “based upon the information we have gathered to date, none of the children or relatives involved in the incidents being investigated are related to anyone who works for the Glynn County police department.”

Jackson further confirmed that “as has been stated by the family, Mr. Lehrkamp has not been diagnosed as autistic and does not have any learning disabilities.”

Those following this story closely called for action on behalf of Lehrkamp while criticizing the department for releasing a statement that seemingly questioned the credibility of the victim.

“It sounds like the police chief is trying to change public sentiment,” a source close to the investigation told me.

This news outlet has reported extensively on the attack(s) involving Lehrkamp – and the Glynn County investigation into them. Aside from reports of alleged defecation, none of the “misinformation” cited by police has been referenced in any of our reports – although we did report that some have suggested Lehrkamp has “an undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder.”

Also, at least one member of Lehrkamp’s family has challenged some of our reporting on his life in the months leading up to these attacks.

This news outlet reached out to Lehrkamp’s father as soon as this story broke – and we will continue to extend our open microphone to him and any other member of his family wishing to speak about what transpired.

That offer also extends to interim chief Jackson and any representatives of Glynn County.

As the community waits for Lehrkamp’s alleged attackers to be held accountable, count on this news outlet to keep our readers up to speed on the very latest developments in this case …



Jenn Wood (Provided)

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Anonymous April 4, 2023 at 11:49 pm

Instead of going after the assailants Marla Henderson is attacking my family. The lying accusations are beyond cruel and totally untrue. Sone people have no shame.

Jim Stein April 11, 2023 at 11:16 am

This is a blight on law enforcement. There is no logical reason for the delay in taking action to hold those accountable for what happened all we get is some excuse that the investigation is ongoing. No one is being held accountable. Again, justice delayed is justice denied.


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