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Prioleau Alexander: Following The ‘Science’ On Unvaxxed Drivers

And other “hate-propelled, sweat-cooled, virus-spreading psychopaths …”

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I have always been one to “believe the science,” because science is, well, so scientific.

However, there’s a huge difference between scientific fact and theory, and believing a theory is best done based on the evidence and testing results available for review. Theories change all the time — George Washington died after receiving the best medical care available, which was blood-letting and having a hot poker jammed down his throat. The theory that blood-letting and torture were a good medical solution has changed a fair bit over the centuries.

Those of us who refused the Covid-19 vaccine have become known as “science deniers,” set on murdering our fellow man by wantonly spreading a virus sure to kill anyone it touched. Literally, we are each our own carbon-based Umbrella corporation, straight out of Resident Evil

Why are we such hate-propelled, sweat-cooled, virus-spreading psychopaths? A few things:

  1. The FDA requires a 10-to-15 year study before releasing a new drug or treatment to the public. The vaccines had a zero-year study … which makes looking into the evidence and study results a bit difficult.
  2. Magically, three Big Pharma companies all “discovered” their vaccines at the exact same time — no chance that happened to spread the wealth around Big Pharma. No way.
  3. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were virtually outlawed, and physicians received letters from their boarding authorities that they may lose their board certification if they prescribed it — even after a direct request by the patient, who once upon a time was responsible for deciding what went into their body. Why the hysteria? Why would you not be allowed access to those drugs, while also having the option of not being vaccinated? If a person chooses not to be vaxxed, why prevent that person from trying something else? Even, say, blood-letting or hot-poker torture? The answer, of course, is revenge for not complying with Big Brother’s demands.
  4. The Big Pharma drug companies demanded a hold-harmless agreement before deploying their vaccines.
  5. The National Library of Science described deaths among people under 65 as “remarkably uncommon.” If you further reduce that be removing those under 65 who are obese or medically compromised, the survivability exceeds 99.5 percent. Deaths among healthy children were too few to even register as a statistic.
  6. And as we move forward, we’re discovering more and more lies told by Anthony Fauci, including his flip-flop on masks not being needed — then becoming the most important deterrent possible. Fauci also stated in a press conference he “manipulated the data” to get more Americans to take the vax, and once the “numbers” of vaxxes began to climb, he adjusted the numbers back to their true levels.

For those of us who question the altruism of the United Sates government, those factors add up to a reason to “question the science.” The shrieking by the left has been odd, because the vaccine was developed under Donald Trump — who’s been a huge advocate for the jab. Isn’t everyone with a MAGA hat a drone, following the orders of the Great Mega-Maga King?

In addition, a simple search on DuckDuckGo will produce the names of a number of Democrat leaders who proclaimed they wouldn’t take a vaccine “developed under Trump.” How did they go from being “science deniers” to zealots for Trump’s vaccine?



Critics of us “science deniers” will be happy to know I’ve encountered some science that simply cannot be denied. Yes, it is still a theory — but the discovery seems as certain as “gravity works.”

The discovery? Being vaxxed makes you a better driver. We know this because Canadian researchers examined the government-held records of more than 11 million adults, of which 16 percent were science deniers.

What did they find? Unvaxxed drivers were 72 percent more likely to be in a serious traffic accident resulting in at least one person going to the hospital.

The authors noted the increased risk posed by science deniers “exceeds the safety gains from modern engineering advances.”


The science gets even more “sciencey” from there. Authors opined the deniers might be neglecting “basic road safety guidelines” because:

They distrust the government: They clearly distrust physics as well — zooming around as though the science of locomotion doesn’t apply to them?

A belief in freedom: Like the freedom to pay higher auto insurance rates, speeding ticket fines, kill others, and spend time in the hospital?

Misconception of daily risks: Like the risk of shooting up an unapproved vaccine that the manufacturers refuse to stand behind legally?

Antipathy toward regulation: Like the required FDA regulations for a new drug?

Poverty: Poor people are too stupid to drive safely?  

Misinformation: Like in early spring of 2020, when Fauci said Covid’s arrival in the US shouldn’t prevent people from going on cruises?

The authors further recommended first responders take extra precautions when responding to a serious accident because the driver is likely unvaxxed. Oddly, they didn’t state their job would now be easier, because, “When you find that dude that’s been ejected out the windshield and impaled on the guard rail, you won’t even need to do a test before listing the cause of death as Covid.”

I think there could also be some additional reasons the unvaxxed are causing such horrendous turmoil out on the black top:

A sudden revelation: Maybe it pops into their heads that Elton John and Meathead from Archie Bunker have announced they’re leaving Twitter, thinking anyone on the planet cares. This no doubt would cause uproarious laughter, and careless driving would result.

A sudden recollection: Maybe they flashbacked to the absolute freakout that occurred when a whopping 50 illegals were delivered to Martha’s Vineyard, and the city proclaimed it a humanitarian crisis … but then after running them out of town on a rail, the city newspaper wrote, “They touched our lives.” (But not our silverware). I’m crying just thinking about it.

A nervous breakdown: Perhaps they get to thinking about the fact we have a sitting President who thinks the nuclear codes are a Wordle puzzle … and wonder when Weekend at Biden’s will end … then think, “President Kamela Harris.” That would make a freight train take a dirt road.

Employment: It’s certainly possible the unvaxxed have actual jobs, and have to be out on the road, versus curled into a fetal position and watching the brain trust on The View for the latest marching orders?

Toxicity? Most unvaxxed couples have a toxic male involved, so perhaps it’s his perma-road-rage driving that’s causing the issues. Or his bride, speeding to get home to a husband who’s not a vapid, effete, pronoun-proclaiming, non-binary, cis-gender manchild snuggled up in his safe-space.

Believing the science is important for all of us. Without it, how would we know thalidomide and Agent Orange are safe? That eggs are bad for your heart? That the Human body runs on blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile? That women suffer from hysteria, and the invention of the vibrator freed physicians and mid-wives from “curing” this condition?

Any sane person knows that — wait, what? Really?

Questioning science is how you do science? ‘Scientists publicly challenge the findings of other scientists, and there’s no such thing as “settled science?” Except for the vaccines, right? Those are 100 percent safe and effective? Oh, they aren’t nearly as effective as we were told? But they’re safe, right? That’s settled science, right?

Damn. Well, at least man-made global warming is settled science.



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Prioleau Alexander is a freelance writer, focusing mostly on politics and non-fiction humor. He is the author of two books: ‘You Want Fries With That?’ and ‘Dispatches Along the Way.’ Both are available on Amazon. He hopes to have another title published soon, but that would require his agent actually doing his job, so it may be awhile.



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