Letter – Stop The Coronavirus Shutdowns, Put South Carolina Back To Work

“We’re heading for an economic depression you cannot imagine …”

RE: South Carolina Governor Shuts Down Non-Essential Businesses

Dear Editor,

So you advocate shutting down the state to further ruin our economy?

Looks like you all still have a job. Easy for you to dictate how everyone else should react! No one can predict when this will “peak” or when it will end. How long is long enough? Two or three more weeks? What if the virus is still here and spreading? What do you propose we do then? Wake up!!

We’re heading for an economic depression you cannot imagine. I hope you are prepared. You’re miffed there’s no toilet paper. Just wait. The elderly and those who are compromised are the majority of deaths. They also die with influenza and we HAVE a vaccine for that! We certainly must urge them to shelter in place, but everyone else has to get back to work with reasonable precautions.

Oh, and I guess you’re ok with the phone numbers to report those not practicing enough “social distancing.” Let’s promote citizens to turn on each other. Let’s have the authorities take the last $100 from someone who has lost their job because they were four feet apart and not six feet apart.

I am surprised you would take this position!

Helen Kennedy
Greenville S.C.


Helen, Thank you for your letter. I appreciate you reaching out. If you read our editorial coverage on this subject, you will find that its recommendations differ dramatically from what you have described above.

While you are ascribing editorial positions to me that I have never taken, I do appreciate where you are coming from on this issue – and do not necessarily think you are incorrect in your fundamental assumption.

My news outlet is very much receptive to the “cure is worse than the disease” argument regarding the coronavirus pandemic, which is why we have posted several articles entertaining that discussion.

I appreciate your contribution to that conversation …



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