Jim Clyburn: Status Quo Democrat Keeps Bailing Out Joe Biden

But how long can he keep “First in the South” black voters in line?

This news outlet has never been impressed by U.S. congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, but the first half of 2019 has somehow managed to diminish our already low estimation of the man.

Where to begin? How about his botched bid to install one of his daughters in the Palmetto State’s heavily gerrymandered sixth congressional district (map) – which was specifically drawn in 1992 to ensure the election of a black, Democratic lawmaker.

Clyburn won this seat in that election, has held it for the last three decades and had hoped to pass it on to his “familial heir,” Jennifer Clyburn Reed.

Thankfully, even in majority-minority districts of perpetual poverty (and poverty pimping) we have yet to descend into a North Korean-style socialist monarchy. Well, that and former state representative Bakari Sellers was simply too potent a prospective rival – prompting Clyburn to abandon his plans (and Reed to back away from her previous pronouncements about seeking this seat).

Clyburn was also busted this year straight-up lying about the expansion of federal health care dependency in the Palmetto State in the years since former U.S. president Barack Obama’s 2010 socialized medicine monstrosity became law.

Shortly thereafter he flip-flopped on crony capitalist opportunity zones – correctly referring to them as “B.S.” and “smoke and mirrors” before reversing his position and sponsoring legislation that would expand them. Even worse, Clyburn tried to blame his flip-flop on the media.

Weak, right?

Now, Clyburn is solidifying his status as a hack for the Democratic establishment by repeatedly coming to the rescue of U.S. vice president Joe Biden – who is slipping in the polls as the liberal/ socialist fringes of the Democratic party become better acquainted with his center-left ideology.

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Biden, 76, has been struggling mightily with base progressives in recent weeks as they learn more about his positions – and his past. This week, he landed in hot water with them once again by extolling his ability to find “common ground” with white segregationist senators during his lengthy career in Washington, D.C.

These statements were particularly damaging to Biden because in addition to further enraging the far left, they have the potential to erode his standing with black voters – who will play a starring role in February’s “First in the South” Democratic presidential primary.

Enter Clyburn … who like Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton is part of the old-school (i.e. predominantly white) Democratic machine.

“If I had only worked with people who opposed segregation, I never would have worked with people who were not my color,” Clyburn told Emma Dumain of McClatchy.

Previously, Clyburn defended Biden for his support of a 1994 crime bill that critics claim disproportionately targeted minorities for imprisonment.

Biden championed the bill, which was signed by former president Bill Clinton. Years later, however, Clinton distanced himself from the legislation.

“I signed a bill that made the problem worse,” Clinton said in July of 2015. “And I want to admit it.”


Clyburn’s backing of Biden on issues that have the potential to erode his minority support has drawn a sharp rebuke from Sellers – who is supporting Kamala Harris, a first-term U.S. senator from California.

Specifically, Sellers has accused Clyburn of reneging on his promise to remain neutral during the 2020 Democratic primary by “tacitly endorsing” Biden.

We agree … although we do not believe Clyburn’s advocacy will be enough to save the former vice president when the real arrows start flying.

Remember, these skirmishes are mere precursors to a much bigger battle, which will begin in earnest when Biden’s rivals start educating black voters in the Palmetto State en masse about his tall tales of marching with civil rights supporters.

Those reports are already beginning to seep out, and when that wave crashes we believe it will take Biden’s black support with it.

Also, Sellers is ideally positioned to inflict this devastating blow against Biden given his father Cleveland Sellers’ status as a civil rights icon in the Palmetto State.

We wonder … what will Clyburn say then?



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