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SC School District Responds To “Trump Is Racist” Shirt Scandal




Last week our website broke the story of a government-run school in South Carolina that permitted its students to wear “Trump is Racist” shirts in the aftermath of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump.

Sources at the school also told us the students wearing these shirts bullied another student – who was rebuffed by administrators when they complained.

District officials responded to us this week, disputing the allegations of bullying.

“At no time were there any reports of bullying or intimidation in regards to this, nor was there ever any interruption to the educational process,” said Ken Buck, spokesman for the Chesterfield County school district.  “The administration of Cheraw High School was prepared to handle the situation if at any time there was any disruption to the educational process over the shirts; however, that did not occur.”

According to our sources at the school, a white student was threatened by a group of black students who were wearing their school-approved “Trump is Racist” shirts.  When the student went to administrators to complain, they were allegedly told “that is what you get for voting for Trump.”

Buck says that alleged incident did not happen – or at least was overblown.

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But what about the school’s double standard as it relates to shirts featuring the Confederate flag?

“There have been no incidents with any confederate flag shirts in a number of years; however, the policy on such would be the same as in the current situation: the administration would deal with it accordingly if it was a disruption to the educational process,” Buck told us.

Hmmm …

We appreciate Buck taking the time to reach out to us … and we look forward to pressing him not only as it relates to this subjective standard regarding student apparel, but more importantly as it relates to the rampant allegations of grade inflation at this school.

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