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Donna Hicks’ Ex-Husband Still Wants Her Out Of Office




We’ve been mostly impressed with the performance of S.C. Rep. Donna Hicks of Spartanburg County, S.C.  Sure, she cast a terrible vote in support of a gas tax increase last year, but she seems to have learned her lesson from that tally.

Also, Hicks has been one of the few lawmakers willing to take a principled stand on a pair of big issues: The effort to defund government-subsidized abortion provider Planned Parenthood’s Palmetto State operations and the effort to shut down S.C. governor Nikki Haley‘s controversial refugee resettlement scam.

Hicks has led on both of those fronts … and she’s done so even when it meant calling out “leaders” in her own party.

That matters …

Not surprisingly, Hicks’ willingness to buck the status quo has made her plenty of enemies.  Not that she needed any enemies beyond her former husband – S.C. political consultant Kerry Wood, a status quo opportunist who masquerades as a “conservative” activist.

Wood, of course, is the consultant who ran his own daughter against Hicks back in 2014 – mere months after the two went through a nasty separation.  He’s also the guy who tried to have Hicks removed from a county convention last year.

According to our sources, Wood is the brains behind Hicks’ 2016 opponent.

He is also suspected by Hicks’ advisors of orchestrating a series of anonymous emails sent under the pseudonym “Citizen Kane” – emails which allege that Hicks “belongs in jail” and that anyone supporting her reelection must be a criminal.

“What are you getting for supporting her?” the anonymous emailer wrote to one Hicks’ backer.  “Are you a criminal too? Helping her rip more people off?”

Yikes …

Hicks has represented S.C. House District 37 (map here) since 2013 – ousting liberal S.C. Rep. Steve Parker in the 2012 GOP primary.  Will she survive her angry ex’s latest rampage?

We shall see …