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Sources: Larry Martin Standing Firm Against Liberal SC “Gun Grabs”




This website has been harshly critical of S.C. Senator Larry Martin on a wide range of issues over the years.  Meanwhile pro-liberty groups have been harshly critical of him regarding Second Amendment issues.

This year, Martin appears to be putting both of those criticisms to bed …

“You really need to do a story on Larry Martin single-handedly blocking all these (anti-)gun bills the liberal Democrats are putting up,” one of our S.C. State House sources recently told our founding editor, Will Folks.

Wait … these bills?

Yes, our source confirmed …

Martin – chairman of the Senate’s powerful judiciary committee – has made it clear to his colleagues that a flood of anti-Second Amendment bills will not be moving through his panel this year.  In fact the bills are unlikely to even receive a subcommittee hearing.

Multiple Senators confirmed this report – including one Democrat who is reportedly livid over Martin’s “recalcitrance.”

Good.  We like recalcitrance when it involves torpedoing bad legislation.

As we have repeatedly noted, there is a simple equation that the far left refuses to acknowledge every time it rushes to politicize a mass shooting in the hopes of imposing fresh restrictions on gun ownership.  That equation?  More guns = less crime.

Martin deserves credit for standing firm on this issue.  Let’s hope leaders in the S.C. House of Representatives show the same fortitude.