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Liberal Outgoing SC Senator Backs Ethically Challenged Replacement




Outgoing S.C. Senator Ray Cleary – a liberal tax-and-spender who is using his final year at the S.C. State House to try and ram through a totally unnecessary gas tax increase – is supporting an ethically challenged state representative to be his replacement in S.C. Senate district 34.  Cleary has endorsed the candidacy of S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch – a guy who has had all sorts of issues since being elected to the S.C. State House in 2012.

“I’m delighted to offer my support to State Rep. Stephen Goldfinch,” Cleary said in a statement.  “I’ve worked directly with Stephen and I can tell you first hand that Stephen cares about our community and will work hard to look out for our needs here.  His business is here.  His family is here.  He’s lived here his entire life.  Stephen understands our roads and infrastructure needs, the reforms needed to make our schools better, and the need for comprehensive tax reform.  And he understands the need to protect our unique natural resources.  I’m proud to endorse Stephen Goldfinch to be our next State Senator.”

Sheesh …

By “understands our roads and infrastructure needs,” Cleary is saying Goldfinch is on board with his proposed gas tax hike.  Which is to say he supports dumping billions of dollars of your money into a system that is beyond broken and beyond corrupt.

And when Cleary says Goldfinch understands “the reforms needed to make our schools better,” once again he is referring to the same old big government machinations of the “Republican” leadership in Columbia, S.C.

A.k.a. “mo money, mo problems.”

Are we surprised by this endorsement?

Not at all …

Liberal “Republicans” gotta stick together …

S.C. Senate district 34 (map here) runs along the Palmetto coastline from just north of Charleston, S.C. to just south of Myrtle Beach.  It includes parts of Horry, Georgetown and Charleston counties.

Our hope?  That a pro-free market, pro-freedom candidate will step forward to challenge Goldfinch for this seat.