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Mick Mulvaney Will Vote Against “Republican” Omnibus




U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney will vote against the “Republican” leadership’s big omnibus spending bill, a source close to his office confirmed to us.  That’s a big blow to liberal U.S. Speaker Paul Ryan, who has been relying on the deal-cutting Mulvaney to provide so-called “conservative” legitimacy to his bipartisan big government push.

(For a nice recap of why this spending bill is so terrible, check out this excellent column by U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona).

This website has been harshly critical of Mulvaney lately given his repeated betrayals of South Carolina taxpayers … most notably his support of uber-liberal John Boehner back in January and his endorsement of Ryan’s ascension to Speaker two months ago.

We’re glad to see Mulvaney is getting the message and voting the right way on this particular spending bill, but we wish he were (like Gosar) among the lawmakers leading the fight against Washington’s liberal “Republican” establishment – not grudgingly opposing it out of political necessity.

South Carolina taxpayers need (and deserve) the Mick Mulvaney who ran great guns during the 2010 campaign season, not the status quo hack he’s become … so … let’s hope this vote is the start of a radical reorientation of his current “go along to get along” governing philosophy.

UPDATE: Looks like Mulvaney’s vote didn’t make a difference.  The U.S. House – with broad “Republican” and Democratic support – just passed this abomination.