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Letter: The Hypocrisy Of Those Attacking Donald Trump



Dear Editor,

Read this: GOP Lawmaker Calls On Trump To Drop Out (The Hill)

So we have all these people who want us to declare war on Islamic extremism, to tap every American phone, to waterboard and drone people by the thousands and start World War III by shooting down Russian planes over Syria, now screaming about Trump wanting to stop Muslims from entering America.

The same people who gave us the TSA, DHS and compassionate conservatism in Baghdad say it’s perfectly fine for Joe Sixpack’s kid to be killed in the Middle East chasing jihadis, but we can’t simply stop people from entering the country to prevent some of them from blowing us up.

This is insane.  Constitutional details aside (and those are rightfully problematic), to most people Trump sounds like the only guy who has a practical plan for dealing with this crap – while the Republican establishment is going to war with him.

His plan? Let the Russians and the “moderate” regimes fight with ISIS while we simply shut down completely their ability to send their agents here.  The added benefit being “moderates” would no longer have the option of refusing to fight by fleeing to the West while the extremists get stronger.

No more retreating, fight to save your land, people and religion or wait until the Russians, Chicoms and Indians simply get fed up and wipe Islam off the face of the earth.  Because they will do it.  They have the weapons, industry, population and guile to do it.  A couple hundred million Muslims dead and a boatload of radioactive pollution in the Middle East and Africa is nothing to them.

The Chicoms don’t even care about the pollution in freaking Beijing. China and India actually have more people than they know what to do with, and Russia’s plans during the Cold War entailed tactically nuking West Germany and allowing millions upon millions of Poles to be incinerated in retaliation while the poor slobs in the Red Army were to stroll unprotected into the radioactive wasteland of central Europe to hoist the hammer and sickle over Frankfurt.

Hell, Zhukov sent a million of the motherland’s finest to die taking bombed out Berlin simply for a photo-op of the Soviet flag flying over the ruins of the Reichstag. Things get desperate enough with the jihadis, none of these countries will think twice about vaporizing Mecca and Medina. They’d prefer not to, but if no one else will step up to the plate and Ali Akbar Muhammad al-Crazypants gets too out of control, what the hell? Preventing that from happening by forcing the “moderates” to fight for their own supposed interests now should really be a cornerstone of our foreign policy. FDR and Reagan would understand that. They both were manipulative problem solvers like Trump.


Virgil Hilts
Leesburg, Virginia



Virgil: Hell yeah, man! What a great letter.  Thank you for putting into words what so many of us are thinking about these whiny ass “Republicans.”  Excellent points, my friend.