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SC Deadbeat Parents Owe $1.5 Billion




Deadbeat parents in South Carolina racked up $1.5 billion in child support arrearages from 2010-2014, according to federal data.  That’s up from $1.3 billion during the five fiscal years leading up to 2010.

And that could be only half the actual amount …

“Nobody really knows the real total,” one analyst told us. “I think it is double this.”

Not helping matters?  The Palmetto State’s ongoing child support enforcement problems.

South Carolina updated its child support formulas for the first time in eight years last summer (states are supposed to do that every four years), but governor Nikki Haley‘s Department of Social Services (SCDSS) continues to struggle with the creation of an enforcement database.

“South Carolina has one of the harshest regimes in the country when it comes to punishing parents who don’t pay,” an MSNBC report from earlier this year noted. “And there’s no evidence that the punitive measures are working: According to federal data, the state is actually below the national average in every single measure of how effectively it is collecting child support funds.”

Depressing all around, huh?  Yup …