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Gotta Love That Clemson Engineering



Life is good for the Clemson University football team these days …

Head coach Dabo Swinney‘s squad is undefeated, ranked in the Top Ten and firmly in control of its destiny for an Atlantic Coast Conference championship (and possible NCAA playoff berth).  Seriously, Clemson is a legitimate national championship contender.

Even better for Tiger fans?  Their arch-rivals, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, are in the midst of a full-scale implosion – with head coach Steve Spurrier resigning after a 2-4 start to the 2015 season.

And while Clemson is no longer “Clemsoning” on the football field, it is continuing to “Clemson” on the fields that surround it …

Earlier this week, Clemson’s athletics department announced that it was using a helicopter to help dry the ground at several grass (well, dirt) parking lots near Memorial Stadium (a.k.a. Death Valley).

The lots have been beaten up by back-to-back home games played under extremely wet conditions, and officials are hoping the whirring blades of a chopper will dry them out.

Genius, right?

Actually, this isn’t a new thing.  Earlier this year the Anaheim Angels (or whatever the hell they call themselves these days) used a local police helicopter to dry out their water-logged outfield.  You know, because that’s obviously what California taxpayers should be spending their money on …

Anyway, in addition to the helicopter Clemson is spending money on graders, dirt dryers and all sorts of other equipment in the hopes of drying out the ground.  We wonder: Is there beach renourishment money available for this?