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SCDOT’s Super Shady Paving Crew




|| By FITSNEWS ||  South Carolina’s Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is a disaster – chronically short on cash despite the hundreds of millions of dollars taxpayers throw at it each year.  Yet rather than reform its busted bureaucracy (or stop approving totally unnecessary projects), South Carolina lawmakers want to take the easy way out and throw more money at government.

Which of course means raising taxes on gasoline … even though dirt poor South Carolinians already spend a disproportionate percentage of their income (third-highest in the nation, last time we checked) on fuel costs.

“Since when is raising taxes the only solution in a ‘Republican’ state?” former SCDOT commissioner Sarah Nuckles recently wrote on our site.  “What happened to more efficiency, less government, and improving the economy?  What happened to Ronald Reagan’s smaller government vision?”

That’s easy … big government “Republicans” (including one very powerful, very self-serving “Republican”) are devouring that vision.  Daily.  And sticking you with an ever-escalating check for their corruption.

One example of SCDOT incompetence?  The story of Lynches River Contracting – which sources tell FITS has recently been approved for taxpayer-funded road paving work.

Why should we care about this company?  Because according to its competitors – Lynches River Contracting was formed from the ashes of Boggs Paving, a Monroe, N.C.-based company which was involved in a huge fraud and money laundering case two years ago.

As a result of that case, Boggs Paving had its assets frozen and was explicitly banned from bidding on road projects in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Its former CEO – Drew Boggs – has pleaded guilty to the charges filed against him and is facing up to 25 years behind bars.

But Boggs’ brother Chris Boggs – who wasn’t indicted – formed Lynches River Contracting last September.  He’s since stepped down from the company, but according to a WSOC TV 9 (ABC – Charlotte, N.C.) investigation earlier this year, “two former Boggs Paving employees became president and vice president” of the company.

Not only that, the company is planning on using “asphalt plants, dump trucks and other resources from two other companies associated with the Boggs name, including Boggs Materials and Boggs Transport.”

Sound suspicious?  Um … yes.

If this transparent “switcheroo” weren’t bad enough, one of the company’s competitors – Kim Lineberger of Lancaster, S.C. – says SCDOT has actually been “coaching” the new company on how to complete paperwork with the agency.

Jeez … and we wonder why SCDOT is in such dire straits? 

We’ve been calling on state lawmakers for years to fix the SCDOT – which continues to conduct “business as usual” in the aftermath of its 2007 “reform.”