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West Columbia Cop Shot In The Head




|| By FITSNEWS || A West Columbia, S.C. police officer was shot in the head on Tuesday afternoon attempting to serve a bench warrant.

The officer – whose identity has yet to be released – was attempting to serve the warrant at the Hudson Street home of 51-year-old William Kernnon at around 2:00 p.m. EDT when he was shot in the head.  A suspect, believed to be Kernnon, surrendered to authorities shortly thereafter.

The bullet apparently pierced a wall before striking the officer in the head – an event we’re told was captured on video by a neighbor.

“Crazy dude (boarded) himself in the house then they stormed it and a cop jumped out bleedin’ bad,” one witness wrote on social media.

Agents of the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) were on the scene – standard protocol in the event a law enforcement officer is shot in the line of duty.  In fact SLED is handling the investigation into the shooting – although an agency spokesman wasn’t immediately available to comment on the situation.

The officer is reportedly in stable condition at Palmetto Richland Hospital in downtown Columbia, S.C.  In fact our law enforcement sources say he was “conscious and breathing” in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

That’s a good sign …

Kernnon is white.  The ethnicity of his victim has yet to be established.  Why does that matter?  Eh … we’re not sure that it does, but we live in post-Ferguson, America.  Which means everything is presumed to be racial until it’s demonstrably, um, “not.”

Kernnon is described by West Columbia police as a “regular customer” – meaning they’ve had frequent interactions with him.  Police say the warrants being served on Kernnon this week were for failing to appear in court on “minor charges.”

Looks like he’s got some major charges to contend with now …