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Big Brother: In Your Hotel Shower?




|| By FITSNEWS || The poster agency for rogue bureaucracies in Washington, D.C. is at it again …

Barack Obama‘s eco-radical Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants U.S. hotels to start tracking how long their guests spend in the shower – and they’ve launched a study to

“Hotels consume a significant amount of water in the U.S. and around the world,” an agency grant reads. “Most hotels do not monitor individual guest water usage and as a result, millions of gallons of potable water are wasted every year by hotel guests.”

The study – part of a broader “urban water planning” initiative – would test the effectiveness of a new device capable of  “wirelessly (transmitting) hotel guest water usage data to a central hotel accounting system.”

Wow … big brother in your hotel shower.

News of the program was uncovered by reporter Elizabeth Harrington of The Washington Free Beacon.  According to Harrington, the researchers’ goal is to get the new EPA program “adopted by all major hotels.”

Crazy …

Look, we’re all for people taking faster showers (thus using less water).  That’s good stewardship.  And we have no problems with hotels trying to “guilt” their guests into taking shorter showers (like they currently “guilt” guests into re-using their towels).

But a monitoring system?  One introduced at the behest of government?

Sheesh …

For those of you keeping score at home the average hotel shower lasts 8.2 minutes and uses 17.2 gallons of water.  The government wants to cut that time by one minute.