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$4 Trillion? Sheesh …




|| By FITSNEWS || Less than two months after getting most of what he wanted from congressional “Republicans” for the rest of the current fiscal year, U.S. president Barack Obama is upping the ante for the fiscal year beginning in September – submitting a $4 trillion budget proposal that represents the very worst of Washington D.C.’s bipartisan “tax and spend” fiscal liberalism.

Obama’s blueprint – built on massive tax increases ($1.44 trillion over the coming decade) and the revocation of previously agreed upon spending restraints – represents a 6.4 percent expansion of government from the current budget.

Wait … are Americans’ incomes growing by 6.4 percent?  Um, no … they’re not (thanks in no small part to Obama’s signature socialized medicine law).

Obama claimed his budget was all about giving “middle-class families the security they need to get ahead in the new economy.”  But as we’ve reported on numerous previous occasions, his policies (and the GOP’s ongoing accommodation of them) are absolutely destroying the middle class.

“(Obama’s budget) makes no pretense of ever reaching balance, and is an extension of his stated desire to fundamentally transform America by further expanding the size and scope of the federal government,” said Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government (ALG).

Exactly … that’s it exactly.

Federal spending has grown 63 percent faster than inflation over the last twenty years – including an explosion in deficit spending during the recent recession.  After posting modest surpluses as recently as 2001, “Republican” and Democratic presidents and Congresses have exploded the debt – including ringing up annual deficits in excess of $1 trillion from 2009-12.

Now Obama wants to spill even more red ink … while decrying the so-called “mindless austerity” of previously agreed upon budget cuts that never materialized.  Cuts he agreed to.

“The President has waved the white flag in the fight to restore fiscal sanity to the federal government,” Manning added.

America needs – and its taxpayers deserve – a budget that prioritizes core government functions, eliminates unnecessary bureaucracies, ends corporate cronyism, addresses unsustainable entitlement spending, foregoes unnecessary global interventionism and defunds onerous regulations and economically crippling programs.

Obama’s budget does absolutely none of those things … but don’t expect “Republicans” to do much in in the way of fighting it.  Or offering a free market alternative.