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Mick Mulvaney Supporting John Boehner?




|| By FITSNEWS || When the effort to oust U.S. Speaker John Boehner was falling apart in 2013, U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney didn’t flinch.  Other “conservative” members of the U.S. House bailed on their commitments to vote against the fiscally liberal “Republican” leader, but Mulvaney was good to his word and did not cast his vote for the Speaker.

Such a stand was consistent with Mulvaney’s pro-free market, “damn the torpedoes” approach to politics – which this website has long admired (and consistently praised).

That’s why it was so disheartening to see Mulvaney’s name listed as a supporter of Boehner on a “whip count” prepared by The Washington Post in advance of this week’s U.S. House leadership elections.

Say it ain’t so, Mick … tell us that’s a misprint.

As this piece from our friend Rick Manning makes clear, GOP voters have had enough of Boehner – and with good reason.  The Speaker’s entire raison d’être since assuming his post in 2011 has been the accommodation of the uber-leftist agenda of Barack Obama.  And the perpetuation of establishment “Republican” policies.

Can anyone recall a principled stand Boehner has taken?  On anything?


“We’ve never had much use for Boehner, who has been utterly worthless except in two areas: Capitulating … and getting drunk,” we wrote last week in an article attempting to forecast how the so-called “conservative” South Carolina delegation might vote on Boehner’s renomination.

Seriously.  Name the issue … and Boehner has caved on it.  Embarrassingly so.

How can Mulvaney support a guy like this?  Especially after Boehner was instrumental in making sure the South Carolina lawmaker wasn’t elected to head up a group of ostensibly conservative “Republican” members of Congress?

We don’t get it …

We knew liberal South Carolina “Republicans” Tom Rice and Joe Wilson would be Boehner backers, but we had high hopes the rest of the state’s delegation would oppose his renomination as the GOP leader.

Guess those hopes were misplaced …