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SCDHHS Records Thief Gets Probation




By FITSNEWS || A thieving Democratic operative who S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley wanted to “slam to the wall” was given a suspended sentence in lieu of jail time after pleading guilty to stealing hundreds of thousands of confidential Medicaid records.

Christopher Lykes – a close ally of S.C. Senators Darrell Jackson and Joel Lourie –  was busted stealing data on 228,435 Medicaid recipients from the S.C. Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) in early 2012.

Jackson and Lourie both run companies with ties to the health care or insurance industries – and Lykes was a contractor for “independent providers” affiliated with those companies.

(No wonder Democrats can’t get enough Medicaid expansion, right?)

Haley – whose own office has had some issues in this regard – was furious over the theft.

“I told (S.C. State Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel) to slam him to the wall,” Haley said. “Do whatever we can to make an example of him.”

That didn’t happen.  On Thursday, the S.C. Attorney General’s office announced Lykes had been sentenced to thirty months in prison – a sentence suspended on three years probation.  Oh, and three hundred hours of community service.  In other words – Lykes won’t see the inside of a jail cell.

Chris Lykes

Is this fair?  No.

Of course it’s hardly surprising.  The judge who granted Lykes this slap on the wrist – circuit court judge Alison Lee – is notorious for giving criminals lenient treatment.  In fact she’s the one who – over the objections of prosecutors – allowed Lorenzo Bernard Young to walk the streets of Columbia, S.C. while facing a host of serious criminal charges.

Young and one of his buddies later celebrated their freedom by murdering a 33-year-old white woman (and single mother of four children).

And no … race has nothing to do with anything (at least not from our perspective).  A white judge granting similar leniency to a white suspect who turned around and killed a black victim should be similarly excoriated.

Lee was nominated recently by U.S. president Barack Obama to serve as a district court judge – but her appointment encountered significant resistance from “Republicans” and Democrats alike.

Six weeks ago – to little fanfare – Obama withdrew Lee’s nomination after U.S. Sen. Tim Scott announced his intention to oppose it.

Anyway …

While Haley obviously has no room to talk when it comes to other people’s unethical actions, she is absolutely correct in asserting that Lykes should have received a much more serious punishment for this crime.