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Mark Sanford, As Comedy




By FITSNEWS || Actor/ comedian Rachel Dratch (of Saturday Night Live fame) is the star of a new live comedy act called Tail Spin!, in which the misadventures of American politicians are held up for a well-deserved public mocking.

“Politics is dirty,” the promo site for Tail Spin! observed. “Politicians are dirtier.”

Featured prominently in the performance is none other than U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford – the former two-term Palmetto State governor whose recently concluded relationship with ex-lover/ fiancee Maria Belen Chapur ended his 2012 presidential aspirations before they began.

Sanford made news last month with a lengthy Facebook post in which he called off his relationship with Chapur – ostensibly on account of his ex-wife Jenny Sanford‘s latest legal machinations against him.

Chapur later said Sanford’s post caught her off guard, though, leading many to speculate his two-year engagement to her was a calculated move – all part of his successful 2013 political comeback.

In Tail Spin!, Dratch takes a stab at portraying Jenny Sanford, Chapur and former ABC News anchor Barbara Walters, who interviewed Jenny Sanford at the peak of the 2009 scandal.

Here’s a clip posted by The New York Times

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Funny …

There’s been speculation that Sanford may face a credible challenger for the first district congressional seat he claimed in a special election last May.  In fact the name of Lowcountry lawyer Catherine Templeton is frequently bandied about, although Templeton – who is currently running the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) has yet to indicated any interest in running for elected office.

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