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SC Government Fears FITS




By FITSNEWS || Unlike the mainstream media in the Palmetto State, this website doesn’t coddle government bureaucracies in exchange for “access.”

We don’t need politicians and high-level bureaucrats to give us “scoop,” we have an unrivaled network of informants who provide us the real scoop on what’s happening in state government.  It’s why we are able to expose agencies months before the rest of the press … who routinely ignore major scandals while regurgitating what they are spoon-fed by government.

Needless to say, these bureaucracies don’t appreciate us very much … especially when our reporting ultimately results in their leaders getting fired.

Oh well …

Not surprisingly these entrenched establishments have fought back – attempting to shut down the information that flows to us as well as the traffic we receive when we publish this information.  For example, numerous state agencies in South Carolina have blocked FITS on their internet servers for “objectionable content” – bans which remain in place even after we conducted a comprehensive purging of such material from our site.

Agencies are also taking steps to crack down on our informants … monitoring their employees’ government-funded internet protocol addresses and other identifying information as well as imposing new blanket log-in requirements on state computers.

For example, not long after we received a treasure trove of new information on the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) the agency implemented new log-in procedures for its employees.

Take a look …

(Click to enlarge)

scdot log in

(Cap: Submitted)

Well, well … that’s quite a proprietary view of public information if you ask us.

Here’s the thing about the truth, though: You can delay it, obfuscate it or even manage to completely evade responsibility for it … but you can’t stop it from coming out.  Sooner or later, everything rises to the surface – and eventually everybody gets what’s coming to them.

Meanwhile we continue to view the taxpayer-funded roadblocks put in our path as badges of honor … further evidence that we’re doing our job on behalf of the citizens and taxpayers of this state.