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Nikki Haley Got Busted Lying Again




At this point, Nikki Haley getting busted telling a lie isn’t news … hell, it would be news if South Carolina’s governor actually got caught telling the truth.

That’s not likely to happen anytime soon, though … lying is second nature to Haley.  Reflexive.  Autonomic.  Like breathing.

Haley’s latest fib involves her administration’s alleged cutting of red tape in state government – specifically the work of a regulatory review task force she commissioned shortly after taking office.

First, here’s what Haley said …

“Over 3,000 recommendations were made to where we saw South Carolina needed to improve,” Haley said. “Everything that came from that recommendation list has been dealt with, whether it’s gone through and those agencies have changed it, or whether we’ve put legislation in place.”

Wow. Three thousand regulatory changes?  That’s amazing …

Or at least it would have been amazing … if it were true.

According to the Associated Press, Haley’s task force only proposed eliminating fifty regulations – resulting in twenty-three changes within the governor’s cabinet and seven legislative fixes.  For those of you educated in a government-run school that’s a grand total of thirty reforms – or one percent of the number Haley claimed.

In an editorial published in this week’s editions of The (Columbia, S.C.) State  newspaper, Haley’s chronic inability to tell the truth was flatly called out – from her repeated fabrication of “new job” totals to her ridiculous 2011 claim regarding the workers filling those alleged jobs.

“We don’t know the governor’s heart, or precisely how her brain works, so we can’t say for sure whether she is merely reckless with the facts or whether she deliberately misstates them,” the paper’s editors wrote.  “That is, does she not care whether she’s telling the truth, or is she a compulsive liar?  That’s something voters will have to sort out for themselves, assuming such things as veracity matter to them. But here’s one thing that seems sadly clear: The fact that our governor says something doesn’t mean it’s true.”

What’s that expression?

“If her lips are moving …”