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Just prior to the Fourth of July holiday, an interesting story appeared on Campus Reform  detailing an extra credit project offered by Arizona State University (ASU) women and gender studies professor Breanne Fahs.

Before we get to that, though, the notion of government-subsidized “women and gender studies” strikes us as every bit as ridiculous as a government ban on gay marriage – and one of the many reasons we support the elimination of all funding for higher education.

Government should not subsidize discrimination or indoctrination … which we’ve said on repeated occasions as it relates to nonsense like this at government-run schools in our home state of South Carolina.

Anyway, according to Campus Reform  correspondent Lauren Clark (Twitter, here), ASU wants its female students to stop shaving their legs and armpits … at the same time it is encouraging men to shave their bodies.

Oh, and students of both sexes who play along with this gender-bending get extra credit …

Hmmmmm …

Fahs’ web bio describes her “research” as focusing on “women’s subjective accounts of their bodies and sexuality,” as well as “radical feminism” and “social movements and political socialization.”

Great.  Good for her … just don’t make taxpayers subsidize the research and we’re totally cool with whatever razor-based experimentation she wants to conduct.